High Speed Rail News Roundup for India, China and Japan

1. Indian Express – The Railways of China and India are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which will concentrate on three specific areas — high-speed trains, station development and heavy haulage. This will be the second round of talks after the inaugural session in Beijing this year.

For China, a deal with India’s Railways could not have been better timed. Indian Railways has already approved six high-speed rail corridors for various parts of the country. With the feasibility study for the first one, between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, already in, India has been on the lookout for global technology leaders in high-speed railways for cooperation.

India and China will sign MOUs to cooperate on IT, railways, energy efficiency standards and planning.

India wants to increase bilateral trade with China to $100 billion per year.


Next month, China will unveil a new bullet train that will drastically reduce the travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou.

The Beijing Morning Post reports that the new high-speed railway will decrease travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou to eight hours. Currently, the trip takes 20 hours to travel 1,425 miles (about the equivalent of traveling from Los Angeles to Dallas, which takes over 20 hours to drive).

3. NY Daily News – Rail operators in Japan have unveiled a new “levitating” high-speed train that operates using magnets and can reach speeds of up to 310 mph. The futuristic trains, designed by Japanese rail giant JR Tokai, were introduced on Thursday but aren’t scheduled to start “rolling” until 2027.

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