North Dakota Oil Economics and Forecast

Here is a 39 page presentation on North Dakota oil from Sept, 2012

A typical 2012 North Dakota Bakken well will produce for 45 years

If economic, enhanced oil recovery efforts can extend the life of the well
In those 45 years the average Bakken well:
Produces approximately 615,000 barrels of oil
Generates about $20 million net profit
Pays approximately $4,325,000 in taxes
$2,100,000 gross production taxes
$1,800,000 extraction tax
$425,000 sales tax
Pays royalties of $7,300,000 to mineral owners
Pays salaries and wages of $2,125,000
Pays operating expenses of $2,300,000
Cost $9,000,000 to drill and complete

The Oil projections have increased by 100,000 barrels per day for all scenarios from 3 months prior.

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