Carnival of Nuclear Energy 134

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 134 is up at Things worse than Nuclear

Atomic Power Review – Argentina’s Atucha Unit 2 to be on line mid-2013.

Between February and April 2013 the plant will be tested at normal operating temperature and pressure. Finally, the light water will be removed, the system shall be dried, and loaded with 600 tons of heavy water produced at the plant Arroyito, Neuquén Province.These tests may commence in June 2013 to the first criticality of the plant, and then synchronize with the network. Thus, in the middle of next year, Atucha II is providing power to the national grid.

Submissions about Saudi nuclear plans and Japan restarts and india nuclear

Nextbigfuture – Saudi Arabia plans to have 18 gigawatts of nuclear power by 2032

Nextbigfuture – Japan is discussing more nuclear reactor restarts starting in the summer of 2013

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