Elon Musk Talks Spacex and Mentions Hyperloop on Jimmy Kimmel

Elon Musk was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel.

Spacex is making version 2 of the Dragon spacecraft with landing gear and rockets for propulsive landing. This might be in parallel to the Grasshopper first stage reusable work.

No more news on Hyperloop other than Elon wants to get Tesla profitable first before publishing Hyperloop to not get shareholder irate that he is distracted.

Tesla is expected to be slightly profitable in this quarter

Model S production began last June but started slowly. The company made 3,100 cars during the year, with the vast majority of them – 2,750 – built during the fourth quarter. The company delivered 2,650 cars for the year. The car is priced from $59,900 to $94,900 before state and federal incentives are factored in.

Tesla had 15,000 reservations for the Model S on hand at the end of the year. More than 6,000 of those reservations landed in the fourth quarter. But during the same period, about 4,000 potential customers dropped reservations they had already made when asked by Tesla to configure their cars and lock in the sale.

Still, Musk said the company is still generating enough new reservations that it can sell its entire expected production run of 20,000 cars this year. Anyone placing a reservation for a Model S faces an average wait of five month

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Tesla-CEO-expects-profitable-quarter-4295652.php#ixzz2Lz1umczZ

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