Fujifilm has printable, bendable thin film thermoelectric that can power devices using body heat

Fujifilm Corp developed a thermoelectric conversion material using an organic polymer material. The selling point of the thermoelectric converter module is that it can be manufactured by using an organic material and printing technologies. The company expects that the module will be attached to a human body to be used as a power supply for a health monitoring device and installed on the back of a photovoltaic panel to efficiently collect energy.

The dimensionless performance index (ZT) of a thermoelectric conversion device using AIST’s material is 0.27. But Fujifilm realized a performance higher than that, it said. The exhibited thermoelectric converter module has a power generation capacity of several milliwatts and is capable of generating electricity with a temperature difference of 1°C, the company said.

The module used in a demonstration. When a temperature difference is created by placing a hand on the module, it generates electricity and powers a toy car

It is bendable and thin film and seems durable. It seems ideal for powering a new generation of wearable low power electronic devices

SOURCE – Techon

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