Elon Musk wants Hyperloop enough that he will probably make a subscale demonstration system

Elon Musk now says he will probably build a subscale version that’s operating.

Musk said ironing out full details on a potential demonstration Hyperloop is a “tricky” process. But nonetheless, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he would “probably end up doing that.” The busy executive warned that it wouldn’t be an immediate priority, ranked behind his ongoing commitments. “I would like to see it come to fruition.”

Musk said this prototype would be constructed in a “test area” that wouldn’t require local clearance, allowing him to move faster in executing on his vision. “If somebody else does the demo, that’ll be really awesome.” But make no mistake: he’s thinking about it. Musk revealed that he’s already dedicated “some full-time days” to researching a Hyperloop alpha. “If it was my top priority, I could probably get it done in one or two years,” he said, suggesting somewhere between three and four years to be a more realistic timeframe.

Elon Musk should work with Disneyland or similar amusement park

Elon Musk could make an updated version of the monorail in Disneyland.

There should be some country where he can expedited clearances for a system that would be demonstrator that could be converted into operational usage. An all cargo version could also be easier to certify.

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