Megapixel display for augmented reality with full field of view with glasses that project display onto a contact lens – full resolution display and full field of view

Innovega developer of full field of view HUD eyeglasses, staff will be wearing fully functional prototpes prototypes of its mega-pixel eyewear at its booth at 2014 CES. Steve Willey, Innovega CEO, explains, “at last year’s CES event we demonstrated new eyewear optics that offered to the wearer a clear and simultaneous view of both their personal digital media and of their immediate surroundings. The big news for 2014 is that our team has succeeded in advancing the platform from feasibility demonstration to wearable, contact lens-enabled, full-function, mega-pixel eyewear.

Since early adopters are often those with the lowest ‘switching costs’ Innovega forecasts the iOptik personal media early adopters will be the more than one hundred million global consumers who already wear and enjoy contact lenses. This group includes more than 20% of North American 18 to 34 year-olds who already wear contact lenses. This 18-34 year-old contact lens wearer demographic represents the same consumers who are today’s drivers of demand for gaming, smartphone, and other media-rich applications. Once the unique benefits of iOptik are understood, Innovega forecasts other market segments whose constituents have been prevented from enjoying rich, mobile media will follow. Early adopters from the global video gaming community will respond quickly to secure the benefits that contact lens wearers will already be enjoying.”

The Innovega eyewear system is thus comprised of two elements: 1) flat-panels or micro-projectors that are integrated into stylish eyeglasses that provide a gateway for any available media; and 2) novel iOptik contact lenses that deliver a crisp view of both near-eye rich media and as a bonus an improved view of the environment, since almost half of humans require some form of vision correction,. The contact lenses utilize modern fabrication methods and are worn in the usual fashion with or without the Innovega eyewear. When the eyeglasses are worn, any available media are instantly streamed on a transparent lens so the wearer’s view of their surroundings is not obstructed. The benefit of simultaneously offering vision correction is particularly important to Asian consumer segments where the prevalence of nearsightedness is near twice that of their non-Asian counterparts”.

The key feature of the iOptik display is the enhancement of the wearer’s vision by giving the ability to focus on media that is placed very near to the eye without affecting normal vision. This vision enhancement allows the wearer to view near-eye microdisplays as easily as viewing real objects at normal distances. This vision enhancement eliminates the need to mount large optics into the video eyewear. Removing these optics allows for compact and stylish eyewear products. It is this architecture’s ability to deliver very large and rich HD/3D digital content without disturbing one’s normal vision and from a compact and stylish format visionthat distinguishes the iOptik from all other wearable displays. The stylish iOptik™ form-factor is distinguished from all other display architectures.

The iOptik™ contact lens enhances vision and enables consumers to better visualize their digital world. It allows light from the display to pass through the center of the pupil, and light from the surrounding environment to pass through the outer portion of the pupil. Each of these sets of light rays produces an image on the retina simultaneously with the other set. They are superimposed to form a single integrated image.

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