4D movie theater showing of Transformers 4 on the way to 12D movies

The first 4D theater in the United States opens on Thursday, with a late-night showing of “Transformers: The Age of Extinction.”

South Korea’s CJ 4DPlex is launching the premium movie platform at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium 14 Theater in Los Angeles, in conjunction with AEG Entertainment.

The company hopes the immersive experience — which via sensor-equipped motion seats adds effects like motion, bubbles, fog, lightning and scents to the visual and audio presentation — will become the next wave in moviegoing.

2:43 for the 12D reference

Transformers: The Age of Extinction has grossed nearly $97 million (600 million renminbi), a record three-day opening for any film ever in China, Artisan said. That’s nearly equal to its $100 million opening-weekend haul in the U.S.

4D film or 4-D film is a marketing term for an entertainment presentation system combining a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre in synchronization with the film. (Note that 4D films are not actually four-dimensional in the geometric sense of the word.) Because physical effects can be expensive to install, 4D films are most often presented in custom-built theatres at special venues such as theme parks and amusement parks.

4D films have also occasionally been marketed as 5D, 6D, 7D and so on.

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