Carnival of Space 373

The Carnival of Space 373 is up at Photos to Space

Universe Today – What Is This Bizarre Ball That The Curiosity Rover Found On Mars?

Universe Today – India’s MOM Captures First Image of the Red Planet

Nextbigfuture – By merging two seemingly conflicting theories, Laura Mersini-Houghton has mathematically proven black holes can never come into being in the first place. Black holes are thought to be the densest matter in the universe.

Mersini-Houghton’s theory combine Hawking’s radiation theory with a fundamental law of quantum theory that states no information from the universe can ever disappear.

Mersini-Houghton agrees with Hawking in that a star’s collapse gives off radiation; but by giving off radiation, she said the star also sheds mass to the point that it no longer has the density to become a black hole.

Arxiv – Back-reaction of the Hawking radiation flux on a gravitationally collapsing star II: Fireworks instead of firewalls

Nextbigfuture – The Japanese construction giant Obayashi says they will build a space elevator that will reach 96,000 kilometers into space.

Robotic cars powered by magnetic linear motors will carry people and cargo to a newly-built space station, at a fraction of the cost of rockets. It will take seven days to get there.

Using a space shuttle costs about $22,000 per kilogram to take cargo into space. For the space elevator, the estimate is about $200.

Nextbigfuture does not believe an earth based space elevator will be built. One on the moon or Mars would make sense. This does not. There are easier and cheaper ways to get into orbit with lower costs.

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