Nextbigfuture passes 55 million pageviews and nears 130 million views on Google Plus

Nextbigfuture has over 55 million pageviews. Thanks to the readers of Nextbigfuture.

Nextbigfuture has nearly 130 million views on Google Plus

In February, 2015, Nextbigfuture had passed 50 million pageviews and 100 million Google Plus Views.

Five of the top ten all time posts have been in 2015

Technical hurdles overcome for the first human head transplant

The project for the first head transplant in man is code-named HEAVEN/GEMINI (Head Anastomosis Venture with Cord Fusion. HEAVEN capitalizes on a minimally traumatic cut of the spinal cord using an ultra-sharp blade (very different from what occurs in the setting of clinical spinal cord injury, where gross, extensive damage and scarring is observed) followed within minutes by chemofusion (GEMINI). The surgery is performed under conditions of deep hypothermia for maximal protection of the neural tissue. Moreover, and equally important, the motoneuronal pools contained in the cord grey matter remain largely untouched and can be engaged by spinal cord stimulation, a technique that has recently shown itself capable of restoring at least some motor control in spinal injured subjects.

Lab Grown meat is 30,000 times cheaper than 18 months ago.

Dutch Professor Mark Post, the scientist who made world’s first laboratory grown beef burger believes so-called “cultured meat” could spell the end of traditional cattle farming within just a few decades. A year and a half ago the professor of vascular physiology gave the world its first taste of a beef burger he’d grown from stem cells taken from cow muscle.

In 2013, it cost $325,000 to make lab grown meat for a burger made from cultured muscle tissue cells. Now the cost is $11 for a quarter pound lab grown patty.

Deaths per Terawatt hour for each energy source has been information that Nextbigfuture has presented several times and examined based on lifelong deaths and with analysis that separates out particulate from non-energy sources.

One of the articles covering of Ido Bachelet DNA Nanorobots also made the top five articles.

One Trillion 50 nanometer nanobots in a syringe will be injected into people to perform cellular surgery.

The DNA nanobots have been tuned to not cause an immune response.
They have been adjusted for different kinds of medical procedures. Procedures can be quick or ones that last many days.

Medicine or treatment released based upon molecular sensing – Only targeted cells are treated

One of the articles coverage combat lasers made the top ten.