Russia developing multipurpose missile launch tubes and new destroyer with 200 missile capacity

Russia is developing a multi-role missile launcher for ship-borne missiles to be equipped on state-of-the-art watercraft of the Russian Navy, Technodynamika’s head Maxim Kuzyuk told RIA Novosti.

Earlier it was reported that Russia was developing a new class of anti-air destroyers, known as Leader. The Russian Navy is expected to operate twelve Leader-class ships by 2025.

The nuclear-powered Leader-class destroyer is planned to be equipped with more than 200 silo-based missiles of different class. It is meant to replace the Sovremennyy-class destroyer, the Udaloy I class and the Slava-class cruiser.

The US Arleigh Burke Destroyers area bout 10,000 tons and can have about 90 missile launch tubes.

US Ticonderoga class missile cruisers have about 122 missiles and are about 9600 tons.

The next-generation destroyer would be most likely be equipped with a Caliber high-precision cruise missile system and a S-500 Prometey antiaircraft defense system, which is more capable than US Aegis Ballistic Missile defense systems.

Each destroyer would have a Redut-Poliment anti-ship weapons system as well as Pantsir-M and Palash antiaircraft artillery. The destroyer’s nuclear-powered and gas turbine propulsion power plant would be manufactured in Russia and would allow the ships to travel at 30 knots. The warships would be capable of combatting submarines and would also be equipped with two special helicopters and a modern sonar system.

As of January 2015 the military-industrial commission is calculated on the creation of a new destroyer about 2018, and the first destroyer can be built no earlier than 2023-2025. The new destroyers are to replace the representative of the project 956 and 1155, which remain the main ocean warships Russia.

Janes reported 14 May 2015 that the Project 23560E Shkval (Squall), destroyer had a full-load displacement of 15,000-18,000 tons, a length of 200 meters, beam of 23 meters, draft of 6.6 meters, maximum speed of 32 knots, cruise speed of 20 knots, endurance of 90 days, and a crew of 250-300. The destroyer is intended to be powered by a gas turbine engine (although Russia lacked any adequate sources for naval gas turbines). The destroyer’s armament comprises 60-70 anti-ship or anti-land cruise missiles, 128 surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), and 16-24 anti-submarine missiles. The ship is also equipped with a 130 mm multipurpose naval gun. It was proposed to be fitted with a battle management system integrated with tactical and operational-tactical ACSs.

Russia’s Defense Ministry amended a technical assignment for developing the Leader-type missile destroyer for the Navy, which will have a nuclear power unit as the sole option, a source in the defense industry said on 19 May 2015.

Russia’s new S-350 Vityaz missiles will enter service in 2016. These are short-to-mid range air defense missile system. The S-350 Vityaz missiles are more maneuverable than the S-400 and have improved self-homing warheads.

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