Nuclear Energy and Uranium through 2024

Harsh Singh Chauhan has a view of Uranium and Nuclear energy at Seeking Alpha

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Over $740 billion will be invested in the construction of new reactors going forward as operable reactors are slated to increase by 81 till 2024

Uranium consumption is slated to outpace supply by almost 64% by 2024

The physical volume of uranium mining in Kazakhstan, a world leader in uranium production, totalled 5,883 tonnes for April-June compared to 5,650 tonnes mined during the same period in 2014 (4.1% increase), reported the Kazatomprom press service.

Kazakhstan has remained a world leader in uranium production since 2009. During the past 10 years, the country has increased its volume nearly six times, whereas Canada and Australia, its nearest competitors, have recently shown stagnation or even a slight decrease in their production. In 2014, uranium production in Kazakhstan increased 1.5 percent, which corresponds to 22,829 tonnes.

The Kazatomprom National Atomic Company has approved a new development strategy for 2015-2025, which provides for the preservation of the leading positions of the company and Kazakhstan on the extraction of natural uranium, RIA Novosti news agency reported with reference to the Kazatomprom.

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