Proposed design for future armored warship with railguns, lasers and drones

Startpoint brings together the best teams in naval defence systems to tackle the twin challenges of providing advanced technology set against the backdrop of funding constraints. It encompasses the structures, processes, people and policies that exist to deliver equipment and support to the Royal Navy (UK).

Patrick Tucker at Defense One describes the Starpoint design for a future warship called Dreadnought 2050. It is the product of an open-thought experiment at the informal request of the U.K. Ministry of Defense.

The ship would be powered by hydrogen fusion — or if that proves unworkable, then at least by “highly efficient turbines driving silent electric motors to waterjets.” The hull is composed of “ultra-strong” composites of the finest acrylic.

Dreadnaught 2050 would have

* railguns
* microwave guns
* combat lasers
* drones
* supercavitating torpedoes

SOURCES – Defense One, Starpoint