Google planning a ‘watershed’ quantum computing announcement for December 8

According to Steve Jurvetson, venture capitalist and board member at pioneer quantum computing company D-WAVE, Google has what may be a “watershed” quantum computing announcement scheduled for early next month. This comes as D-WAVE, which notably also holds the Mountain View company as a customer, has just sold a 1000+ Qubit 2X quantum computer to national security research institution Los Alamos.

Jurvetson says to “stay tuned” for more information coming on December 8th. This is the first we’ve heard of a December 8th date for a Google announcement, and considering its purported potential to be a turning point in computing, this could perhaps mean an actual event is in the cards.

On Flickr, Steve Jurvetson mentioned that Los Alamos just purchased a D-Wave 2X with over 1000 qubits. And stay tuned for what may be a watershed announcement from Google on Dec 8.