Russia and India have timeline for mach 7 hypersonic missile and will export existing mach 3 missile to about a dozen countries

A prototype of the BrahMos hypersonic missile is expected to be manufactured in 2024 according to the Marketing Director of the Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace Company Praveen Pathak.

  • Speed of the existing BrahMos supersonic missile will be increased 4 Mach by 2020.
  • Development of a prototype hypersonic BrahMos will begin in 2022
  • Prototype will be flight tested started in 2024
  • A mach 7+ hypersonic missile should then be fielded from 2029-2034

The future hypersonic missile was expected to have the same weight and size as the existing BrahMos missile so that it can be used with the same platforms and launchers.

The BrahMos-II is expected to have a range of 290 kilometers (180 mi; 160 nmi) and a speed of Mach 7.

Previously the hypersonic missile was expected to be ready for testing by 2017

India and Russia have agreed ‘in principle’ to export the existing mach 3 anti-ship cruise missile, BrahMos, to third countries – the UAE, Vietnam, South Africa and Chile, Praveen Pathak, spokesman for BrahMos Aerospace.

Talks with countries like UAE, Chile, South Africa and Vietnam are in advanced stages. Discussions with several other countries, including Philippines, South Korea, Algeria, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Singapore, Venezuela and Bulgaria have now been taken to the next level.

There have been claims that an upgraded model capable of reaching Mach 6 speed is already being tested.

SOURCES -TASS, Russia and india Report