Hybrid Airlander 10 Airship crashed on second test flight but minor damage will be repaired

The world’s longest aircraft came into contact with “high voltage power cables” before nosediving on landing, an electricity firm has said.

Developers of the Airlander 10 had denied witness reports the airship struck a telegraph pole during its “heavy landing” on Wednesday.

The £25m Airlander, which is 302ft (92m) long, was damaged during its second test flight from Cardington Airfield, Bedfordshire.

Mr McGlennan said he did not think the “heavy landing” would cause a “substantial change” to the future schedule of test flights and development.

Nextbigfuture speculates that their could be an internal weight inside the Airlander 10 that is shifted around for movement control and that weight may have gotten stuck which caused the hard landing.