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Nextbigfuture will interview Randall Mills of Brilliant Light Power shortly (still scheduling but probably next week)

Nextbigfuture has covered Brilliant Light Power aka Blacklight Power for many years.

The company and its founder Randell Mills claim new power. Brilliant Light power claims hydrinos exist. Hydrinos are a new form of hydrogen theoretically predicted by Dr. Mills and produced and characterized by BLP. Mills claims that Hydrinos are fractional orbital hydrogen. This goes against the quantum nature of hydrogen for standard physics. This has made them extremely controversial

Hydrinos are claimed to be produced during the BlackLight Process as energy is released from the hydrogen atom as the electron transitions to a lower-energy state resulting in a smaller radius hydrogen atom.

Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (BrLP) claimed they have continuously generated over a million watts of power from a new primary source until the cell vaporized from the intense heat. The power released by the conversion of hydrogen atoms from water molecules in to a lower energy form called “Hydrino” or dark matter is manifest as brilliant-light emitting plasma wherein the light is uniquely and extraordinarily essentially all high-energy light in the extreme ultraviolet. Using four cross-confirming methodologies, five validators have confirmed over a million watts of plasma power developed by BrLP’s so-called SunCell® at power gains of over 100 times the power to ignite the Hydrino reaction, and at power densities higher than any previously known energy source.

BrLP presented live demonstrations of the enormous power density and power gain by multiple methods. BrLP also presented an engineered SunCell® prototype having no moving parts that it believes is capable of producing 125 kW of electricity and is planned to be launched for initial commercialization in 2017.

I have already begun an initial exchange via email with Randall Mills

NBF Question – I am interested to know what I would see in a live demonstration that would prove that 65-150 times input power for the output power is being produced.

Randell Mills Answer – We shown these types of power gains as part of series of demonstrations on June 28th. The video is publicly available:

Moreover, we have five validation reports of power gain results of this magnitude at a remarkable power level of about 1 MW in less than a liter volume. These reports could be made available to you with some agreement on usage and with our redaction of the identify of the trace oxide chemical used. The presentation on Oct 26th will be focus on commercial systems, timeline, and go to market. At least one validator will be a speaker to cover the power balance measurements. There will be a live demonstration of the commercial design of the SunCell and possibly some power measurements of a non-commercial system setup for thermal or optical power balance measurements. The power balance of the commercial design will require the integration of the PV converter which is scheduled to be initially delivered in January 2017. The engineering firm and PV manufacturer representatives will be speakers as well to cover the respective timelines.

NBF Question – I have covered Blacklight power for many years and it has been reinvented a few times.

Randell Mills Answer – So? That is the nature of invention.

NBF Question – Previous promises of commercialization dates were not fulfilled.

Randell Mills Answer – >>It was a hard problem. Breakthroughs are hard to predict. Based on further theoretical advancements, in the late Fall of 2013, I predicted a way to increase the power density by a factor of about one million. We anticipate a product that will disrupt the entire power industry some time in 2017. We are of proud of that. No one in history has done better.

NBF Question – I have done my best to stay neutral but it has been difficult.
Randall Mills Answer – >>Neutral is the way to be. We are generating massive power on inspection:

NBF Question – If there is 125 KW being generated then it should be able to have all aspects of the system running only under Brilliant Light Power generation. ie no wall plug ins.

Randell Mills Answer ->>The SunCell comprises several non-moving parts that require a small parasitic load as detailed in this presentation:

Randall Mills Answer ->The SunCell requires an electrical power converter to be stand alone. The light source is being developed, and the PV converter is being built to interface with it. The two are to be combined in the 1st half of 2017. The program design is 100kW net electrical power.

NBF Question – You could have something that is off grid.

Randell Mills Answer ->>>Exactly. See our business plan:

NBF Question – What is the actual kwh being produced ?

Randall Mills Answer ->>>The system is designed to run continuously such that the kWh is given by the product of power in kW and time in hours. The power is given in the reports and covered in the live demonstrations in the video above.

NBF Question – Commercialization is now set for 2017.
Randell Mills Answer ->>Yes

NBF Question – So some device has to be confirmed to be safe and effective by the Consumer product safety, EPA, Underwriters Lab, consumer reports etc…

Randell Mills Answer ->>Our engineering firm is pursuing the certifications currently. We could put them on a call or in a meeting with you under certain conditions.

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