Steve Wozniak thinks Artificial Intelligence will not be as threatening as feared and will have far more benefits

Steve Wozniak does not think that greater than human intelligence Artificial Intelligence will be a human economy killer or a human killer in general.

At one point I had concerns about AI because if you replace brains and then all of a sudden companies with people lose money and the machines do everything for us and we have no jobs left, I thought that way and then I totally reversed myself for a lot of reasons. One being that Moore’s law isn’t going to make those machines smart enough to think really the way a human does.

Another is when machines can out think humans they can’t be as intuitive and say what will I do next and what is an approach that might get me there. They can’t figure out those sorts of things.

Wozniak thinks the biggest impact on humanity in the next couple of decades will come from areas that we can apply artificial intelligence. Wozniak is leaving out biotech and quantum computers because he is not close enough to those areas.

Virtual reality is another area that Wozniak thinks will be big.

He thinks machines might become independent thinkers. But if they do, they’re going to be partners of humans.

SOURCES -Business Insider