Simulated Quantum Annealing on regular computers can handle up to a million variable optimization

Supply chain optimization software vendor ServicePower can handle optimizations problems that need to analyze up to 1 million variables. Each variable is represented by a virtual Qubit. They simulate their quantum annealing using parallelization on standard server farms using normal computer hardward to make up for the slower speed compared to D-Wave’s specialized quantum hardware.

DWave’s quantum hardware currently has 2048 qubits which is unable to handle the larger simultaneous optimizations. Dwave has been doubling the qubits every year.

ServicePower is also adapting the algorithm to other NP-Hard problems in the financial sector, machine learning, simulations of molecular interactions, protein folding, aerospace simulations, software validation, home health care and even finding cures for cancer.

Their optimization yields 15% higher ROI on typical technology investments. A recent client realized a 29% ROI. ServicePower Optimization on DemandTM takes that same technology and brings it to the masses, by offering optimization as a service, on demand, used with any existing scheduling application, for any business that recognizes the power of route optimization.

The system is using software algorithm improvement for large scale approximation or specific optimization solutions.