China completing first small nuclear reactors in 2020-2021 and plan mass production

China General Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) announced in January 2016 that it would build a floating ACPR50S reactor to enter service in 2020, with a thermal output of 200 megawatts and electrical output of 60 megawatts.

CNNC signed a 2015 agreement with Lloyd’s Register for regulatory support in developing a sea-based, 100-megawatt version of its ACP100 reactor, which is likely the joint venture’s intended launch project.

Analysis shows that the economics of ACPR50S floating Nuclear power plant for offshore sea oilfield production is much better than diesel power generation system and gas turbine power generation system.

ACP100 got construction approval in 2017

China’s first project to feature the third-generation ACP100 nuclear reactor, called the Linglong One, has completed its preliminary design stage and is expected to be built later in 2017 in the Changjiang Li Autonomous County of Hainan. The first concrete for the ACP100 will be on 30th Dec. 2017.

Mass production and global exportation of the small modular reactors following the pilot project are expected, Qian said. Countries such as Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, to name a few, have all shown interest on the technology.

CNNC is looking for mass production and shortening construction time to 3 years instead of 4 years to reduce the costs of ACP reactors from $400 -800 million to $260 to 520 million each.