Loss of Net Neutrality will mean more overcharging but technological reckoning is coming

The FCC will vote to get rid of Net Neutrality in December, 2017 and then there will be lawsuits to delay implementation.

Past behavior of Comcast, AT&T and Verizon will mean that they will use pricing to raise the cost of content competitors like Netflix. Consumers who already pay for say $50 for a Comcast internet line and $7.99-13.99 per month for Netflix will likely see Comcast increasing the charges to Netflix, which will then be passed on to consumers. Prices may go up to $10.99-19.99 per month.

You already paid Comcast to use the internet but they will double charge Netflix in an attempt some people switch back to Comcast able. Verizon and the other providers will be trying to do the same thing.

Many people such as myself had already cut the cord for television content.

When technological liberation comes via internet Loons or internet satellites

Technological liberation from overcharging will come over the next few years.

Google Loon was used to provide emergency service to Puerto Rico.

Networks of thousands of internet satellites could start appearing in significant numbers as early as 2019.

New Services and companies will be welcomed as Liberators from the overcharging and oppression of Comcast and other overcharging ISPs

Abusing customers with extra charges will cause more brand destruction in time for the switch

Part of the cord cutting was because of how much many customers hate Comcast and the other ISPs for the service and charges of the past decades.

In Jan, 2017, 24/7 Wall St.’s annual customer satisfaction survey, they found the 12 most hated companies in America. Comcast topped the list. In the case of Comcast and Sprint, more than half of respondents had a negative customer experience, the only two existing brands out of the more than 100 we surveyed for which this was the case.

Comcast internet services received the fourth worst score out of some 350 companies. In J.D. Power’s rating of major wireline services, only Time Warner Cable — recently bought by Charter — received as poor of an overall satisfaction score. In the same survey, Comcast received the worst scores in cost to consumer, performance, billing, and reliability. In 24/7 Wall St.’s annual customer satisfaction poll conducted in partnership with Zogby, nearly 55% of of respondents reported a negative experience with the company, the second worst of any corporation.

No, it will be revenge too

Revenge is best served cold and revenge is sweet. So revenge is like ice cream.