AI used to track pigs and facial recognize cows

Alibaba has a deal worth tens of millions of dollar with pig farming corporation Dekon Group and pig feed manufacturer Tequ Group to develop and deploy AI-powered pig-tracking systems.

They will use machine vision to tracking pigs using overhead cameras that identify numbers tattooed onto their bodies.

* they will be able to count pigs and piglets in a more cost-effective way than with RFID.
* the AI will be able to estimate the health of individual animals. They will be able to combine temperature readings from infrared sensors with records of how much each pig is moving each day

US Cargill Facial Recognition of Cows

Cargill is bringing facial recognition technology to dairy farms across the world.

Cainthus’ imaging technology can identify individual cows by their features in several seconds to memorize a cow’s unique identity, recording individual pattern and movements. That information is used as part of an artificial intelligence-driven mathematical algorithm that conveys imagery into feed and water intake analysis, behavioral tracking and health alerts that can be sent directly to the farmer. Data gleaned from those images is used to anticipate issues and adjust feeding regimens. What used to be a manual process that took days or weeks now takes place in near real-time.