Black Panther could have Titanic or Force Awakens box office numbers

Black Panther had North American box office of $202 million over the three-day and $242 million for the four-day weekend. Black Panther is the fifth movie to debut with over $200 million over its opening weekend. It has the second highest four-day gross in history, passing Jurassic World’s $234.1 million four-day gross and only behind Star Wars the Force Awakens.

It has the largest Monday box office with $40,151,729 which beat the previous Monday record holder of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($40,109,742).

If Black Panther surpasses Star Wars: The Force Awakens in global box office then it could surpass $2 billion worldwide.

Marvel Superhero movies tend to make 60% of their box office in foreign markets. The Force Awakens made 54% in foreign markets.

If Black Panther matches the Force Awakens domestically and then has matching foreign market performance levels as other Marvel superhero movies then Black Panther could pass Titanic as the second best performing movie at the box office. It would only trail Avatar.