With AI everyday will be no repeat work days

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools will create “superhuman workers” who will be able to do more with new technology, Google X co-founder Sebastian Thrun said.

Sebastian Thrun left the search engine giant in 2014, and is now the chairman of online education firm Udacity and chief executive of Kitty Hawk, a flying car company backed by Alphabet CEO Larry Page.

Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Thrun talked up the potential of AI to free people up to do more creative jobs.

AI is really, really well is getting rid of repetitive work.
Repetitive work jobs will go away.

No repetition means more emphasis on
* exploration and discovery
* identification of new problems
* experimentation with new solutions
* generation of productivity from assets and intellectual property (IP)
* ownership and acquisition of asset and IP
* efficient usage of assets
* development and cultivation of trust and relationships