Russia building new sub with hypersonic missiles by 2027

Russia’s new Husky-class fifth-generation nuclear-powered submarine armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles is expected to be built by 2027.

The construction will start in 2023 and the first sub will be delivered by the end of 2027.

The Husky will feature a two-hull design traditional for the Russian Navy and displace 12,000 tonnes. The submarine will be furnished with the most advanced combat information and control system, a sonar and a system of integration into the unified information space of the Russian Armed Forces.

The is Husky will be a cheaper alternative to the top-end Yasen Class. If the Yasen can be likened to the US Navy’s Seawolf Class, then the Husky will be the Virginia Class.

Russia is currently building a series of Project 885 Yasen-class fourth-generation multipurpose submarines. Seven Yasen submarines are planned by 2023. Only one Yasen sub, the K-560 Severodvinsk, has been commissioned. A second was launched in 2017.

The Husky class has an x-shaped rudder arrangement instead of the Alfa’s cross-shaped arrangement and deletes the spherical sonar array and towed arrays, substituting them with chin-mounted and flank arrays.

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