China’s H-20 long-range stealth bomber will start operating in 2025

China will reveal its H-20 stealth bomber in 2019. The H-20 will be similar to the US B-2 bomber. It will be slower with a heavy focus on stealth capabilities.

The expectation are
* a maximum take-off weight of at least 200 tonnes
* payload of up to 45 tonnes.
* wide estimates of flight ranges of 8500 kilometers or even over 12000 kilometers
* H-20 could enter service by 2025.

Onc the H-20 is shown in 2019, analysts will look atthe aircraft’s geometry to estimate just how the stealthy it really is. Exposed engine inlets and indiscrete tail stabilizers and other flaws would indicate flaws in stealth. External analysis cannot provide a full assessment. The quality of the radar-absorbent materials and the finesse of the manufacturing (avoiding seams, protruding screws) has a major impact on radar cross-section.

China’s CJ-10K cruise missiles have a range of over nine hundred miles.

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