Venezuela Collapse Horror Show

The collapse in socialist Venezuela has been extremely bad for three years. There has been starvation, hyperinflation and terrible shortages and a dysfunctional socialist economy. About 2 to 3 million Venezuelans have fled to other countries.

People have eaten dogs, zoo animals and garbage.

People are buying rotten meat to survive. There are many power blackouts and no power for refridgeration.

There is an increased death rate from vastly higher murder and suicide rates. There are also more deaths from lack of medicine and medical care.

Venezuela remains one of the world’s most dangerous countries. The deterioration in the quality of life for Venezuelan citizens over the course of 2017 contributes to a dire situation in which over 73 Venezuelans died a violent death every day.

The official crime figures are not released by government officials. The Venezuelan NGO Observatory of Violence (OVV) listed Venezuela as the second most murderous nation after El Salvador. The OVV has tracked violence through police sources and media reporting. OVV stated that Venezuela had over 26,616 homicides in 2017, a rate of 89 per 100,000 inhabitants.

There are now reports of exploding corpses. The morgues are understaffed and without power for refridgeration. There are no gloves so a few workers who remain have to manipulate the corpses with their bare hands.

There is no electricity, there are no masks, there is no chlorine, there are no disinfectants, there are no boots.

There are delays in the collection of the corpses.

The emphysematous phase of decomposition is when bodies can no longer contain the gases and putrid fluids accumulated inside and burst.

Bodies are not removed in time for burial or cremation and do receive adequate treatment.

Those bodies exploded inside the cellar of the morgue. This leaves worms and rotten flesh and fluids everywhere.

Many die of HIV and other infectious diseases. Those who work in the morgue fear they will be nfected because they do have the necessary protective equipment.

Funeral home do not take the old corpses because the government does not pay what it owes.

They often do not have electricity. The elevators of the building out of service. The team have to lower the bodies by hand by the stairs. There is a risk of scratches or wounds.

Sometimes relatives assault them or insult them when they see the treatment their recently deceased loved ones receive.

The morgue should be hermetically closed. They have no power for air conditioning. Doors are left open to air out the morgue.