Elon Lesson from Model 3 is Don’t Be Overconfident and Change in Manageable Phases

Although Elon feels the Tesla 3 manufacturing issues are mostly behind them he shared what he felt caused the problems with the Tesla 3 to be worse than expected.

An older video with CBS reviewed what went wrong with the Model 3. This was back in the first quarter when Tesla were making 2017 model 3 cars per week. They are now up to about 4500 cars per week.

Elon says Tesla was complacent about what they felt was their core technology and advantages and they were overambitious and overconfident about adding too many new things all at once into the Tesla 3. The addition of new things should have been staged.

This lesson is one that Elon could carry over to the next Tesla products and factories. It could also carry through to SpaceX, Boring Company and Neuralink.

There were too many robots and conveyor belts in the gigafactory. They need more manual work.

Will the Model 3 lessons make Elon more cautious in future work at his companies? What will the impact be on those companies and his plans?