China Will Have Four Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers by 2035

Wang Yunfei, a naval expert, told the South China Morning Post that China will have four nuclear-powered aircraft carriers with electromagnetic launchers by 2035. Those carriers are expected to be comparable in size and launch capability to US aircraft carriers. China would have two smaller diesel powered aircraft carriers.

In 2018, China started building another conventional diesel-powered aircraft carrier, the Type 002. It will be their first with the electromagnetic launchers. Electromagnetic launchers boost fighter jets so that use less fuel launching. This enables jets to have longer range.

China’s navy will develop one of its fighter jets for use on its aircraft carriers. This will be either the FC-31 or the J-20. Currently, China is using the J-15.

Chinese engineers are developing a next-generation carrier-based fighter that is a variant of the FC-31 stealth fighter. The next generation jet is still expected to be inferior to the US F-35c.

US Will Have Twelve Large Nuclear Carriers

The US has just placed an order to build two Gerald Ford aircraft carriers at the same time.

The first Gerald Ford carrier is scheduled for operational deployment in 2022.

The USS John F. Kennedy (CVN-79) will likely be commissioned in 2020. The third carrier will be the USS Enterprise (CVN-80). It is expected to join the fleet by 2027. The fourth is being built at the same time. The US Navy intends to deploy a total of 12 Ford-class aircraft carriers, up from the 11 carriers in service today. If the US Navy continues to build the carriers two at time, then they could complete four every ten years or so. This would mean all twelve carriers could be done by 2050.

China Will Be a Clear Second Place Navy

China has and will have far more naval ships than the USA other than aircraft carriers. China’s ships will in be competitive but in general still inferior to US ships.

China’s Navy and military will be far ahead of the Navy and military of any other nation.

In 2035, the third best world military could be India, UK or Japan.

SOURCES- South China Morning Post, Navy Times

Written By Brian Wang.