Beyond Deep Learning: Investing in the Future of AI – Presented by Samsung NEXT #emtechdigital

Breakthroughs in deep learning are inspiring the evolution of AI. But will this “deep learning + X” model drive AI to its fullest potential? While problem solving with more data and deeper models has a place in AI’s evolution, not every problem can be solved by this model.

Samsung NEXT not only enables “deep learning +X” by creating tools for AI developers but also invests in long-term breakthroughs via a strategic AI fund. Subtle shifts in the way we approach and think about AI today will have profound impact on the developments of tomorrow.

Samsung NEXT brings all of the tools to engage with startups into Samsung NEXT. Samsung NEXT also has venture funding group.

Samsung wants to go beyond Deep Learning.

Samsung Electronics will invest $20 billion into research regarding emerging technologies like artificial intelligence over the next three years. This investment is only a small part of a larger $161 billion pool that would go toward component research and capital expenditures.

The $22 billion will be used for new technologies to support building components for future cars, use in the pharmaceutical industry, and other use cases like artificial intelligence and 5G mobile capabilities.

Samsung will hire 40,000 new staff over the course of the next three years and 1,000 of those positions would be for AI researchers in centers around the world.

Samsung is more concerned about AI at the edge. There is a need for low power requirements and less data requirement at the edge.

Deep Learning is more data hungry. AlphaGo needed 30 million games to master the game of Go.

There needs to be more explanation of the conclusions from Deep Learning. The black box needs to be made more transparent.

Samsung wants to get very, very early in AI. Samsung created the Q Fund to go after early experiments in AI. They want to invest in promising experiments in grand challenge areas. The are looking intuitive logic, intuitive physics and symbolic logic.

Samsung is looking at a blockchain protocol to incentivize and encourage sharing of compute power.

Samsung has invested in Covariant and Vicarious. Vicarious is going after general intelligence. is using recent advances in Deep Imitation Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning. is developing AI software that makes it easy to teach robots new, complex skills. Founded by Pieter Abbeel, Peter Chen, Rocky Duan and Tianhao Zhang, the company is based in Emeryville, CA and backed by venture funding.

Vicarious has a video and there is an image of Vicarious used in robotics.

Samsung has funded a stealth company that is leveraging common sense. They are trying to embed common sense into AI models.

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SOURCES- Samsung NEXT, Live Reporting by Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture at EmTech Digital 2019, Youtube

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  1. Yeah, but has anybody in this lofty conference has spoken about how to prevent AI from potentially seeing us as the problem and how to instill in it that its final goal is to serve us, ALWAYS? without this we will soon need to stop AI on its trucks for a fear of our life!

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