Build Trust Internationally with a Virtual Office Abroad

Globalisation has brought down many barriers to trade. No longer do you have to pay high import/export tariffs making new international markets accessible ready for your offering. It is quite easy to deploy a remote team or be part of one. There are still barriers, however, to overcome. This is great, and yes, you can put your offering in a foreign market but the next stage of building trust with your new clients and customers can still be a challenge. A virtual office abroad offers a solution to this challenge.

Virtual Office Phone Numbers

To deliver a truly world-class business you have to offer a world class service. This normally looks like:

• An identified international market for your offering
• An in-place supply chain capable of delivering your offering to agreed timescales
• A professionally designed website utilizing the best marketing talent for your budget
• Excellent customer service as your international business clients and customers expect no less

This may seem like an expensive endeavor but a deeper dive will show you that it does not have to be. Presumably, your new clients will cover the cost of service delivery and a pro designed website will be no more expensive than one designed for the UK market. As we will discover, using international phone number services will allow you to deliver best in class customer services cost-effectively.

International Business Numbers to the Rescue

The key to offering this best in class customer service allowing you to conduct good business abroad is to set up a virtual office. International phone numbers are faster to set up and as such, taking business internationally will only take a few minutes which is a far cry from how it used to be.

The advent of virtual office phone numbers is proving to be a gamechanger. Roll the clock back ten years and doing business abroad was a costly and a time-consuming affair. You had to have offices, phone numbers and employees.

Now with a virtual office and virtual phone number you can be in London doing international business in New York. You can be in Manchester doing international business in Montreal. This allows you to compete with the corporate giants and given that big players such as Amazon and Google are quite hard to contact, you can slip in and offer something they do not: A best in class customer service.

Building Trust with International Virtual Phone Numbers

Once you have set up your virtual phone number you are ready to do business. As a new player, you may receive a high number of calls as potential clients and customers want to know who you are and learn more about your offering. They need to know that your business exists and that you are not a scam outfit. Offering a local number is important. It shows you are legit and real. Nobody is going to part with their cash if they feel there is a possibility that they are going to be conned.

The information age is mostly brilliant. It has allowed us to work anywhere with an internet connection and new markets have created new possibilities and revenue streams. That said, the trusty phone is irreplaceable. Some things just have to be thrashed out with a conversation due to the complexities of the topic. Doing this via email or messaging simply makes the whole thing more difficult to do. Being able to talk to a real person is invaluable in these instances.

Let’s not forget that should payment issues occur most of your clients and customers will expect to be able to talk to a real human being. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Having a local number and having a real person on the end of the line to sort out payment issues is the expected norm. Your customers and clients have paid or want to pay for your offering they expect and are entitled to no less.

Doing the Business Abroad

The markets abroad will significantly increase your revenue streams so an investment in virtual office and virtual phone numbers is the smart move. You now have the flexibility to take your offering international significantly increasing your revenue streams. If you consider the population of Europe or North America is significantly larger than the UK and your current revenue is scalable, you can see the obvious business advantages an international presence can make.

With growing uncertainty in the markets due to a number of factors having the international options gives you a safety net. You no longer rely on one market to make your living but several. This can be set up within minutes and you’re ready to do the business abroad. Should one market falter your other markets can keep you in the game.

When looked at from this point of view an international number is not just important but a necessity.

Written By Brian Wang

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  1. Having a “local” number might build trust, but having that “local” number turn out to be in a completely different country will drop the trust back down below where you started.

  2. Brian, I have no problem with you putting out paid promotional pieces to keep your website’s lights on but they should be clearly marked as such, preferably at the top of the article.

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