Construction Sites Will Become Like Automated Manufacturing Factories #emtechdigital

Andrew Anagnost is the President and CEO, Autodesk.
He discusses using AI to improve construction and many other jobs and industries. Automation and Imagination: Designing a World for 10 Billion People.

Andrew sees other industries catching up to the automation that has existed in manufacturing. He sees the automation of the construction site as being one of the earliest adopters of this new wave.

The first step is machine assisted collaboration.

The various ecosystems will have to adapt. The regulatory ecosystem and the licensing ecosystem.

Over a 20 year period there will be an evolution to a more complete and black box form of automation.

Andrew gave a recent talk about the new wave of automation. He shared his perspective on automation, the changing nature of work, and how technology can unlock opportunities to do more, better, with less negative impact on the world.

SOURCE- Live reporting by Brian Wang of at EmTech Digital 2019. Youtube talk from Autodesk University Keynote