SpaceX Starhopper Tests Resume May 28

Spadre reports that SpaceX will restart Starhopper testing May 28.

SpaceX also has two orbital versions of the Starship under construction.

These fully reusable rocket will make rocket launching costs far more like airplanes.

SOURCES- Twitter, Spadre, Video

11 thoughts on “SpaceX Starhopper Tests Resume May 28”

  1. Then think of a more tactful way of saying something besides making it sound like there are actual consequences coming from you.

  2. Its expensive which is why most people don’t do it. And level of talent goes down rapidly when you go deeper than a few.

  3. Parallel prototype vehicles allows them to optimize the production methods faster than running it single-string.

  4. @Erdayastronaut: So the teams don’t know what the other is doing? Then learn the best lessons from each team? Then the losing team gets voted off the island?

    @elonmusk: The opposite. Any insights gained by one team must be shared with the other, but other team not required to use them.

  5. “There better be”?
    Like, who are you? I had no idea you were fronting the money for this to be making demands.

  6. Since Lush is burning a lot more cash with two separate development there better be a better expiation than I just want to watch a race.

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