Test Track Hyperloop Race Set New 288 MPH Speed Record

Team @TUM_Hyperloop hit a top speed of 288 mph to win the 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition

14 thoughts on “Test Track Hyperloop Race Set New 288 MPH Speed Record”

  1. Cool, a hyper loop of 288mph for 1mile vacuum tunnel mock up. May be taking existing China FSR 5000km full ride at 200mph is more fun.

    But China will soon launched its next vers commercial FSR with 500mph top speed, equivalent to airplane cruise speed all without the tiny white elephant vacuum tunneling. Do we call that super-hyper loop?

  2. The problem with the Boring Company and Hyperloop is that they are both too small for effective use as major transportation for a megalopolis. Just look at NYC subway and commuter rail. They can move more passengers because of the larger size tunnels and trains.

    In fact, one way to improve both the Subway and the commuter rail would be to increase the size of the tunnels and introduce double deck trains.

  3. It would be a launch system as well as surface transportation. launches on the sunny side of the moon.

  4. Dynamical air cushion levitation was envisioned by Elon Musk in his first proposal. All subsequent studies of Hyperloop pods use maglev instead.

    But you’re right that it wouldn’t be a Hyperloop. If you don’t need to suck air absent from space, you don’t need to enclose the maglev train inside a tube.

  5. Wow! That is a high speed for that length. Seems acceleration and deceleration are the main limiting factor.

  6. Why not just do MagLev then? Why would it even be Hyperloop without the air-hockey style of air-bearing support?

  7. hyperloop on the moon…it doesn’t have an atmosphere, therefore all you need are tracks and the vacuum of space…. moon is 6786 miles in circumference… theoretical max speed of hyper loop is 750 mph… therefore you can hyperloop around the entire moon in 9 hours….

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