Applying Quantum Computing to Optimize Pokémon Fighting Teams

D-Wave Systems has a webinar in which they explain how to apply the power of quantum computing to gaming optimization using data from one of the world’s most popular fighting games: Pokémon.

They explore a classic example of a combinatorial problem: optimizing the makeup of a fighting team based on the effectiveness of variable attack types and defensive combinations.


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Sigma-i, a company formed to optimize the world with quantum computing technologies, and D-Wave Systems, announced the companies have signed the largest-ever global quantum cloud contract. Sigma-i will offer quantum consulting services and access to the D-Wave 2000Q™ family of systems via D-Wave’s quantum cloud service, Leap™, to companies, universities and research laboratories throughout Japan.

D-Wave Systems offers a commercial quantum annealing computer with over 2000 qubits and will soon release one with over 5600 qubits.

Customers will benefit from Sigma-i’s expertise in working with D-Wave’s quantum annealer[1]. Sigma-i’s services will incorporate best practices and application development methodologies, accelerating quantum technologies focused on manufacturing applications. This milestone contract will allow for both expansion of real-world quantum application development and further investigation, publication, and research and development.

7 thoughts on “Applying Quantum Computing to Optimize Pokémon Fighting Teams”

  1. Either that or the videos of super intelligent ddark matter crystalline patterns falling off a sofa as they try to bite their own pseudopods are broadcast in gravity waves or neutrinos or something and we are only a handful of years away from being able to resolve them.

    We have detected patterns in the cosmic background radiation. Has anyone tried putting it through a video card?

  2. Yes you are probably right!
    This also proves no civilization has moved beyond Kardashev type III yet. Since all energy must be spent on some multimedia show, logic dictates a Kardashev type IV civilization will develop the ultimate viewing experience for something unimportant and make it visible through the entire universe.
    The ultimate monitor would probably have a pixel matrix consisting of black holes/quasars (on/off) for ultimate contrast and brightness in all wavelengths. The “movie” would simply be a matter stream timed to fall into the black hole pixels to shift into quasar mode to turn on pixels (patent pending).

    Since we can’t watch any intergalactic cat videos in the sky, there clearly can’t be any Kardashev 3+ civilizations yet.

  3. I want computers to do Star Trek starship designs–but we’re a dying demographic right? Who cares about us.

    -and I thought Mighty Morphin power rangers was weak.

  4. The full power of a Kardashev level 2 Dyson sphere is usually spent creating and running perfect 3D animated replicas of My Little Pony*, but at 1000000:1 scale so the live audience of billions can see everything.

    Fermi paradox = solved.

    (Actually My Little Multi-tentacle Arthropod, but same thing.

  5. Well, since the Chinese are experts on quantum computing they will be replacing the CCP with a supercomputer called “Deep Thought”. Xi wanted to get rid of corruption and the best way to do that was to remove the people. Go Xi! /s

  6. OK….
    So all the classical compute power was spent on cat videos and porn.
    Now, the quantum computing will be deployed on Pokémon.
    What’s next?

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