Human Longevity’s David Karow Says to Measure What Matters for Your Health

Health Nucleus offers a personalized health assessment that integrates imaging and genomics to generate a more complete picture of your current state of health and future risks.

A third of the risk of Alzheimers and Dementia are modifiable.

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  1. I think you miss Joe’s point. It isn’t that you need someone to tell you to do the same stuff that people have been telling you since age 5.
    It’s that it isn’t rare at all that you need some more drastic individual care that you don’t know about.

  2. It is popular and encouraged to do a lot of outdoor exercise. But there are a lot of people out there sucking up smog and getting hit by cars. If we made it so everyone was out there 5 days a week, it would become very hazardous for those pedestrians. If you live somewhere rural, it does not mater as there would not be enough pedestrians for there to really be issues. And there are probably may places away from the road to exercise. But 85% or so of Americans live in cities. Accidents would be way up.

    One third of fatal auto driving accidents right now are pedestrians.

    Unrelated. I shouldn’t have said, “…it was being able to produce a lot of power (moving heavy weights quickly) that decreased risk of death dramatically.” Correlation is not causation as we all know.

  3. I do both. There is a small gym in the apartment building I live in, but unless the outside conditions are really miserable I do my aerobic exercise by walking biking or X-C skiing.

  4. Great for you, glad you detected that tumor in its early stages. Now guess what, there are millions of people with chronic diseases, including myself. We know our condition but there is little we can do against it. Such a test is completely useless for us, it will probably say that our biological age is greater than that of our controls. So what are our options? Taking meds, eating healthy, being physically active and avoiding stress? The same crap over and over again.

  5. Sci … Have you considered the possibility that you might not actually know what your current health state is? Health care in the USA is actually Sick care. There are very few proactive programs that enable you to find diseases in their earliest stages when they are most easily treatable. Our health are system primarily responds to symptoms that appear after a disease has progressed. Here is a personal story: I’ll start by saying I am very active and considered myself to be in pretty good shape. I’m a ski instructor and hike/bike in the mountains of Colorado. 5 months after I passed a routine annual physical with flying colors I went to HLI for a Health Nucleus screening. Guess what? I discovered that I had a 2.8cm tumor on my left kidney. Renal Cell Carcinoma! Because it was caught early I was able to have the tumor removed through an ablation, avoiding chemo and radiation. What I also learned was that kidney cancer has no symptoms until it metastasizes and that it tends to metastasize around 5cm. The odds are that I would be in a world of hurt had I not done the Health Nucleus screening. In addition to the above, there were several other health metrics that were brought to my attention that I was able to take action on. I now have a “dashboard” of health metrics (beyond what is available from your typical annual physical exam) that enable me to really know how healthy I am.

  6. What I really want are implants that monitor everything and give you feedback on your phone or other special devise. Monitors the blood composition, pressure, heart rate, and has accelerometers so it can keep track of even light exercise.

    I think exercise facilities are good though because weather and time of day become irrelevant. You have no excuse. It is always available. And you do need strength training not just cardio. If you look at that link I gave, it was being able to produce a lot of power (moving heavy weights quickly) that decreased risk of death dramatically.

  7. Yes. I have been pushing radiation pasteurization for years. Decades actually. But I don’t think it should be a substitute for getting things to the store quickly and clean. And that certainly will not remove the heavy metals. The Fed tests food every year for lead among other things…but they do nothing about the results even when it says there is lead in the baby food:
    The farm industry has a lot of pull in US politics. I am not against farmers. I am not even against many GMOs. As long as they don’t introduce a toxin, or fool the customer into thinking it is lovely and ripe when it is unripe or spoiled, or if the nutrition is damaged. If it is just bigger, or more resistant to bruising, or has less seeds, I am all for it.
    But heavy metals do incalculable damage. We have to do something about that. We need to stop farms growing in soil that has lead, mercury, or cadmium. They could still grow cotton or other fibers. Flax is also used to make linseed oil (AKA flax seed oil) which has commercial uses. Soy can be used to make a variety chemicals and maybe we can find some other crops or uses of current crops that don’t involve human, farm animal or pet consumption. There may also be plants that don’t take up whatever heavy metal is in the soil. I see no harm in allowing them to grow that.

    It might even be possible to clean the soil somehow.

    And “organic” is just as likely to have heavy metals folks.

  8. “free clean well maintained exercise centers”
    Lengthy outdoor ones to make it easy to walk & bike where you were going anyway.

    Re: safe food. Irradiation would help a lot.

  9. people were doing 18 hours during the industrial revolution. We do 8 now. 18+8 / 2 = 13 hours somewhere back in 1960. It was a norm.

  10. This is what should have happened for everyone after genotyping became reasonable. Why wouldn’t you want to fix stuff before it gets out of hand?

    I suppose some people don’t want to give up bad habits, but it could certainly save a lot of money.

    I personally think there should be free clean well maintained exercise centers in every town of 2,000 or more.

    And you should get health credits for exercising, that either reduces your taxes or your healthcare insurance costs. Or just pays you? Have a wristband that tracks heart rate while you are in there so people are not just sitting around. And/or an AI could just watch everyone, and keep track of reps, levels, duration, etc.

    Increasing your muscle power can make a lot of difference in longevity:

    Exercise is great, but it is far from the only thing. The US needs to improve the quality of the food supply, and water supply. The Europeans have nearly wiped out salmonella in their poultry. Why isn’t there any effort in the US to do the same? Fresh is rarely fresh in the US. Our produce isn’t that fresh. Our meat is old. Anything frozen should be frozen within an hour of harvest/slaughter/cooking. All the additives need to be thoroughly examined. Advanced glycation end products should be minimized or removed. All farms, crops, imported food should be tested for heavy metals. We should not be getting any lead, mercury, or cadmium, from our food.

  11. Well I like a good shit as much as anyone else, and the toilet seat can be surprising comfortable. But 12 hours…? Perhaps she should cut down on the dietary fibre.

  12. My grandma is turning 95 soon. No major health issues. 12 hour shits for 20 years until she turned 60. Had migraine for 10 years (not stress either). Had brain tumor for 20 years – found doing CT scan recently, fossilized, dead (not the environment). From family of 10. Was eldest. All dead decade ago (not genes either). Owned a restaurant – good fat food, smoked, fat, sweet (not diet either). Somehow managed to catch tuberculosis at 85. Then she quit cycling (yes, at 85).
    Last week I’ve checked upon her fridge – lots of milk products, sliced salami, 2 cans or beer. She’s got only a single advice – “keep moving”.

  13. I don’t want to know what my current health state is, everyone knows more or less in what condition he/she is.

    I want to know how I can prevent deterioration. And other than being active, eating healthy and avoiding stress, so basically things we knew for the last 100 years, there is not much one can do.

    Maybe take some metformin but that’s it. I don’t know where all this hype for biotech companies and aging comes from. Make new treatment options available, maybe offshore, then we can talk again.

  14. Health Nucleus is still kicking? Lets see if you learned your lesson from the Craig Venter debacle, less egos and personalities and more science.

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