Reports that China’s WS15 Jet Engines Are More Powerful Than US F135 Jet Engine

There are reports that a third batch of China’s WS-15 turbofans has been delivered with performance better than US F135. This would mean that China has achieved the goal of about 197 kilonewtons (44,000 lbf) of thrust with an afterburner.

The Pratt & Whitney F135 is an afterburning turbofan developed for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, a single-engine strike fighter.

The F-135-PW-100 has the following performance
Maximum thrust:
28,000 lbf (128 kN) military thrust,
43,000 lbf (191 kN) with afterburner
Overall pressure ratio: 28:1 overall pressure ratio
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 7.47:1 military thrust, 11.47:1 augmented

The WS-15 is a Chinese afterburning turbofan engine designed by the Shenyang Aeroengine Research Institute and manufactured by the Xi’an Aero-Engine Corporation, which will be used to power the Chengdu J-20, which would be able to achieve supercruise.

WS-15 performance
Maximum thrust:
Military thrust: 105 kN
Afterburner: 180+ kN
Goal: 197 kilonewtons (44,000 lbf) with afterburner
Turbine inlet temperature: 1850K
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 9.7-10.87

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Written By Brian Wang,