Gravity Flying Suit Added Wings For Longer Range Flight

Gravity founder Richard Browning made the first successful Jet Suit flight over the Solent from the UK (Hurst Castle) to the Isle Of Wight (Fort Albert). Richard Browning has followed in the footsteps of German entrepreneur Gerhard Zucker, who tried to send mail by rocket to the Isle of Wight, in 1934. 85 years after the idea of rocket post failed.

The distance from Hurst Castle in Lymington to Fort Albert in Freshwater is 1.3 km.

3 Months Ago Gravity Worked With Adam Savage to 3D print a Bullet-proof Titanium Iron Man Flying Suit

Adam Savage has made bullet-proof Iron Man Armor using 3D printed titanium and a flying jet suit from Gravity.

It is more precisely a real-life Titanium Man (comic book enemy of Iron Man).

The US military (Special Ops) recently canceled an attempt to make real-life iron man exoskeleton armor with strength enhancement. They are looking to use components of the system to help boost the strength of joints and to increase light-weight armor protection for many soldiers.

The weapons if the military were to use these systems would be conventional guns, rifles, flame throwers, grenades and other weapons.

This would make an actual flying armored soldier more like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Falcon or War Machine.

Nextbigfuture interviewed Richard Browning of Gravity Jet Packs last year. They have made flying the Jet Suit far easier to fly. There is adjustment of the thrust so that as fuel is used and the flyer is getting lighter the thrust is reduced so the arms can be kept in the same position.

Winged Jet Suit will be up to ten times more fuel-efficient and enable far higher speeds. They will also allow gliding and being able to safely move past danger zones in vertical flight for safer travel.

SOURCES – Gravity, Richard Browning, Adam Savage
Written By Brian Wang,

9 thoughts on “Gravity Flying Suit Added Wings For Longer Range Flight”

  1. Yes, but it looks like fun.
    Of course this “achievement” doen’t look so great if you compare it to Frank Zapata’s Channel crossing on a hoverboard.

    “Franky Zapata Crosses English Channel on Hoverboard on …”

  2. Let me be clear, there is no one in the military who would attempt a frontal assault on an enemy with their hands tied behind their backs. This device removes the assaulter from holding any weapon in defense. This would be nothing more then a turkey shoot for the enemy. I know, Falklands war 1982.

  3. Considering that DARPA (or military) is looking at these technologies I wouldn’t say that at all. Think spec ops coming in, or waves of marines assaulting a beach directly from the deck of a ship to create a beachhead instead of wading through the surf like Normandy. I would think these could be very handy, especially with drones carrying equipment and additional firepower. All of this is still evolving of course, but time and experience with a dash of imagination and smidgen of funding could yield some very unique capabilities.

  4. Yeah, supporting people by jet thrust is hideously inefficient. The reason Iron Man could fly around like that was that he was packing a minature fusion reactor, had essentially unlimited fuel.

    There’s a reason planes have wings.

  5. Have followed progress for some time. Its becoming obvious that this will be nothing more then a novelty item for rich idiots. 1.3 km wow not even a mile.
    jb11 or martin “jetpack” far more realistic.

  6. Well, no: His way, you can do VTOL. That’s always been the problem with the regular powered wingsuit: Take off by jumping out of a plane or off a cliff, land by parachute. It’s all very inconvenient.

  7. Once he added the wing, there’s no point of having jets on the hands… because it’s better to put the jets on the wing tips… then it’s just a normal jet pack with wings…

  8. Isn’t this basically the same as those wingsuit guys who strap on a winged backpack with 4 microturbine jet engines attached to the wings and go chasing airplanes on youtube though? So the jets are strapped to the arms rather than the wings in this iteration, to make it easier to do a running start from the ground. The wingsuit guys usually start by jumping out of a plane first…

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