Leading Edge Biotechnology to Enhance Organs for Cryonics, Space and Transplants

George Church describes the leading edge of biotechnology. He described antiaging and gene reading and writing capabilities.

George Church Described Other Leading Edge Biotechnology

They are closer to making organoids in days and they are vascularized. Having veins will enable larger organs.

They have the worlds first complete human transcription library.

They can use the organoids to investigate late onset diseases in 2 to 4 weeks.

They are advancing universal CAR-T cells for anti cancer treatment from any donor.

They are able to multiplex edit on the repeating gene sequences. The repeating gene sequences are key to many aspects of antiaging and cancer and other diseases.

They are working to multiplex editing for enhancing organs. The can make the organs more resistant to cryopreservation and disease immunity. They can make people better able to travel in space and be more radiation resistant.