Tesla Beats Estimates With a Record 112,000 Cars Delivered in Fourth Quarter

Tesla delivered a record 112,000 vehicles globally during the fourth quarter. Analysts expected Tesla to deliver 106,000 vehicles to customers during the fourth quarter. Elon Musk and Tesla had talked about delivery goal of between 360,000 and 400,000 vehicles in 2019. Tesla delivered approximately 367,500 vehicles in 2019 which was a 50% jump from 2018.

The electric-car maker said it has produced just under 1,000 cars that are ready for sale at its new factory in Shanghai. Tesla started delivering vehicles to Chinese customers late last month.

The first quarter of 2020 should see significant deliveries from the China factory. The fourth quarter 2019 record was achieved without meaningful China deliveries.

Tesla stock traded above $450 today and has been around $445.

6 thoughts on “Tesla Beats Estimates With a Record 112,000 Cars Delivered in Fourth Quarter”

  1. Of note, Tesla workers really worked hard at the end of quarter push to complete deliveries to get that number, so that isn’t quite a sustained rate. Though that’s more a logistics thing due to no national dealer network (thus no prepositioning at dealer lots, though service center lots sort of cover that)

  2. If it’s truly Elon’s desire to save the world from fossil fuels/global warming, he should place batteries ahead of vehicles, selling batteries to anyone who wants to buy.

  3. Probably not. Let’s say they increase the US model 3 production rate by 50%, hit model Y production rate of 100k, 20k semi, and 150k from Shanghai, then they would be at 900k. So even with some extremely generous assumptions, they will not manage a production rate of 1 million in 2020…

  4. I wonder how all those high-level execs who left during the six months of hell now feel about their decision to bail?

  5. I suspect total 2020 production will greatly surpass half a million units. More impressive is that number encompasses just three models.

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