Coronavirus Fatality Statistics By Age, Gender and Conditions

There are coronavirus (COVID-19) fatality statistics based on age, gender and pre-existing conditions. The rates are mainly for hospitalized cases in China. There is likely 5-10 times as many people who caught the virus but had no symptoms or did not need to be hospitalized or were not diagnosed.

Data is from the Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) – China CCDC, February 17 2020.

Worldmeter put the statistics into charts.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is most problematic if you are over 70, a smoker and already had heart and lung problems of some kind.

The higher death rate in men could be caused by higher smoking rates for men in China. Smoking increases the risks of respiratory complications.

Patients who reported no pre-existing (“comorbid”) medical conditions had a case fatality rate of 0.9%. Having heart, lung, and diabetes increases the rate of death by 7 to 12 times.

SOURCES – Data is from the Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) – China CCDC, February 17 2020.
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  1. Another Douche, this time one of those ‘natural remedies’ anti-science douches, with their nonsense ‘advice’ – probably has tested positive by now.

  2. Do we have an inkling of what the political affiliations of the U.S. population with coronavirus are ? Not to fuel conspiracy theory, but more to poll and predict the skewed socio-economic effect of this pandemic on the voting population left to vote in November. Who will have isolated voting access? Not the rural, not the poor, and not the sick.

  3. Monday ended at 10,871reported deaths with 1,255 new deaths in the USA. At that rate it would hit 20,000 dead by next Sunday or Monday. The case rate has been doubling every week so the death rate will follow. I’ll wager you will be impressed by Saturday afternoon.

  4. These statistics look quite neat and tidy when all compiled together, tabulated, summarized, etc., etc. Now…just think for a bit about all the snags involved in collecting these data. I just don’t think this “information” could possibly be accurate. Only accurate data are useful.

  5. Trump, is that you? What the f** is wrong with you? Nobody is talking about politics. Nothing about this is a win for Dems, as of now. Trump, you do know that 2million > 20 K, right? Come back in about two weeks and the US will be at 20K, and that is still just the beginning.

    Destroy the economy. Your stupid. The virus did that, not people. If we had done nothing and gone on as usual, then we’d be facing 50k deaths right now, and the economy would still be tanking, stupid. But “tanking” is a bad word. We’re not destroying the economy. We’re just on a break/vacation. WE CAN AFFORD THAT. When this is over, the economy will heat up big time form pent-up demand. The economy is not destroyed – that is just Trump trying to protect his resume. Sorry aholes – the country and peoples lives comes before that aholes resume.

  6. That looks like good math, but that is really a s*** extrapolation. That assumes everyone gets infected. Also, majority of deaths are in highly urban areas where medical system is taxed more. There won’t be people sharing ventilators or not even getting one in every hospital in the US. It is also easier for social distance outside of cities.

    It is still a disaster. Sure. Trust me, it will come close, but it will not hit 1,000,000. They just throw that number out there to err on the side of scaring people into quarantining, which people need to do.

  7. Ooooooooh! 2 million dead! Sounds scary!!!!! Better kill the economy and vote in Crazy Joe Biden!!!! Let me know when we break 20K deaths and I’ll be impressed.

  8. Can you please let me know where raw data that include details about existing medical conditions can be found?

    Thank you,

  9. It sounds quite bad. But, then statistics is a funny beast. Don’t about 10 millions die because of cancer worldwide every year? Does anyone care? Are cancer causing food and equipment being prohibited? I guess that cannot be done because that will big money loss. But, again aren’t we losing big money because of this? I give up.

  10. Brett……Not at all what the experts are saying or those who have already had the virus. Those we’ve heard from around the world seem to agree, it’s just like the flu, they’re tested after their illness and are completely free from the virus.

  11. Stated at the beginning of the article….
    “Data is from the Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) – China CCDC, February 17 2020.”

  12. His body was probably exposed to more than normal amounts of virus to fight off which resulted in his body unable to fight off despite being young and healthy

  13. The fact that over 50% of infections have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever also means that far more than 80,000 Chinese people were infected. 80,000 is just the number of people who had symptoms or significant enough reason to believe that they were infected to be tested. This also means that you can probably chop the death rates in half for a more accurate result.

  14. This is pretty skewed. Almost everyone over 80 has at least one of those pre-exiting conditions. For example, this says people with hypertension have a 6% death rate but it is not broken down by age group. An otherwise healthy 30 year old with hypertension does not have the same risk as an 80 year old with hypertension. Hypertension is probably not in itself much of a risk factor.

  15. I won’t double down. I agree with you…mostly. I suspect that most of the .2 percent people had some underlying illness. The doc could have had something…but I doubt it. Interrogation and such could have made him susceptible. I am sure he was frightened for his life. But yes, there is no reason he could not have just been unlucky.

  16. I don’t think (and I hope I’m right) that you can add the pre-existing condition figures and the over 60 figures together.
    I think they are measuring the same thing in two different ways.

  17. Yeah, I can’t give a good reason as to “why him”?
    I can give some evil reasons…

    Or, you know, someone has to be in the 0.2%. And there were probably dozens of people who, in hindsight, were significant in the story. So one of them dying isn’t too much of a stretch. I guess.

    Example 2: Iranian health minister who became ill literally while giving a press conference on how it was all under control.

  18. Roughly 25% of US citizens suffer from one or more of the listed preexisting medical conditions. So about 80 million people. Mortality is 8% in that group in China, plus anyone over 60 dies at 9% on average, 70 million over age 60 in the US. Even if you halve the mortality rate due to better health care, that’s 4%, at a 50% infection rate 40 million vulnerable infected at 5% mortality is 2 million dead. 60-70 million in the US have no health coverage or inadequate HC, everyone of them that has mild symptoms will be a carrier.

  19. Yes. Not getting enough sleep. Stocks stressing me out.
    So, I guess I am just looking at that 0.2% and wondering: why him? As presumably he would be in good health other than the infection, and be able to treat himself and get good treatment when he could no longer treat himself.

  20. Sorry to poke at your math given I agree with your overall message, but:

    If everyone infected in china was in his age group, there would have been 5 or 6 deaths.

    I think you dropped a few zeros there. He was 34. That age group has a death rate of 0.2%.
    If every case in China was that age group, the number of deaths would be 80 000 x 0.2% = 160 deaths.

  21. Makes the death of that doctor look all the more suspicious. He was 34 and worked in a hospital. 0.2%? Very fishy. And I am not really a conspiracy nut. The numbers though… If everyone infected in china was in his age group, there would have been 5 or 6 deaths. Cases more evenly distributed in age…probably 1 or 2. So only 34 year-old to die, or 1 of 2 to die, perhaps 1 out of 3 out of tens of thousands of cases? How unlucky!

    0.002 x 2715 = 5.43

    No statistics for infection rate by age in China. So we don’t know if he was 1 of 1, 1 of 2, or 1 of 3 of those who died in his age group.

  22. Certainly not unheard of. Chicken pox, no big thing if you get it before puberty, life threatening after.

    Sounds like it mostly kills people who are already sickly from something else, or immune suppressed. Also not surprising.

    The big concern from the accounts I’ve heard, is that this seems to linger on a LONG time, and people thought to be over it have suffered relapses/reinfection. That, and a relatively long period where you’re asymptomatic and contagious. This has the potential to become an endemic disease like the flu.

  23. Interesting that it doesn’t seem to hit children as hard. I have young kids, so that at least is a breath of relief. Assuming the PRC reports are accurate anyways.

  24. Pretty sure that following through with these natural ways to prevent flu in epi centers of covid 19 outbreaks will reduce significantly the likelyhood of getting infected.

    Add to that the new nano particles laden anti viral reusable facemasks from Sonovia and similar antiviral gloves, that everybody needs to wear, means to easily disinfect toilets before flushing distributed everywhere, and you probably need to use very minimal quarantine measures to control the infection in epicenters.

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