Space Tourism Company Virgin Galactic Has $6.5 Billion Valuation

Virgin Galactic (ticker symbol SPCE) has tripled in value over the last seven weeks to about $6.5 billion.

Virgin Galactic will fly tourists past the 60-mile height which counts as flying into space.

Virgin Galactic charges $250,000 for each passenger and have about 600 reservations and 3000 expressions of interest.

6 thoughts on “Space Tourism Company Virgin Galactic Has $6.5 Billion Valuation”

  1. I can believe that there are scientific and maybe military missions where suborbital and orbital flight profiles have totally different customers with no competition.
    But tourism? Not buying that one.

  2. ‘ (Dare I mention molten salt thorium reactors at this point?)’
    Probably not. Things that have to minimise weight, while simultaneously expending megawatts of energy and travelling at speeds that make most things vapourise, are under much tighter constraints. Nearly all reactors built have worked, they just need to be reliable and cost effective. Scaryjello is always telling us that big reactors give more bang for the buck, so to speak, so if a little MSR can be reliable, a bigger one should be too.

  3. When the Burt Rutan SpaceShipOne won the X-prize in 2004 it looks like it was a simple scale-up job to make a passenger version.

    It turned out that: No, it was not a simple job to scale up the tech. Indeed the rocket motor needed a completely different approach to function at the larger sizes.

    And in the 15 years since the market for space launch has been highly disrupted.

    And we should remember this example every time the we are looking at a successful prototype example and assuming it can just be made 10-100x the size. (Dare I mention molten salt thorium reactors at this point?)

  4. I remember the blogs back in the day used to gush over Burt Rutan, Virgin Galactic etc. the same way Elon Musk is today. Then delay after delay after delay. They were promising first flights back in 2007 I believe. They probably have about 2-3 years of relevance at best unless they go orbital.

  5. I’m a bit surprised that these guys are still going.

    They have a window of how long before SpaceX can put people in orbit for the same price?

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