SpaceX in 2021 Will Have 3,000 Employees Mass-Producing Two Starships Per Week

Felix Schlang at What about It? has covered key news from Elon Musk’s Starship conversation with Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society.

Elon Musk says currently there are 300 employees working on Starships in Boca Chica. Elon said by next year there will be 3,000 employees working on building a factory for mass-producing two Starships per week.

Musk says mass-produced SpaceX Starships will cost $5 million each.

Airbus and Boeing Make 800-900 Planes In Normal Years

Boeing and Airbus delivered 35 and 138 commercial jets in December 2019, compared to 102 and 127 deliveries, respectively, in the same month last year. For the full year 2019, Boeing delivered 380 aircraft, while Airbus set a new all-time annual record, handing over 863 jets. Boeing had retained a deliveries lead over Airbus since 2012. In February 2019, Airbus had said the 2019 target was 880 to 890 commercial aircraft deliveries. Boeing had originally set a target of 810-815 deliveries for 2019.

737 MFG photo by Ken DeJarlais

SpaceX will likely need triple the rocket engine capacity. They currently make about 300-500 Merlin rocket engines each year. If SpaceX is making 100 Starships per year then they will need 700 Raptor rocket engines for those Starships. They will also need 30 Raptor engines for each Super Heavy booster.

SpaceX and Mars

Elon Musk will make many football fields of solar panels to provide the energy to create fuel on Mars.

The first five Super Heavy Starships sent to Mars will stay on Mars.

The first few ships to Mars will have 20 to 50 people. There will be more cargo.

SpaceX will go for a 100-kilometer Starship hop right after the 20-kilometer test.

Robert Zubrin believes that SpaceX will put the first person on Mars before NASA puts the next person on the moon.