Four-Way and Now Nine-Way Valve Hacks for Ventilators

Doctors have made four-way and now nine-way valve system to enable one ventilator to service 9 people. Elon Musk and others are working to help them get each with individual valve controls per patient to personalize care & avoid cross-flow risk.

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Written By Brian Wang,

11 thoughts on “Four-Way and Now Nine-Way Valve Hacks for Ventilators”

  1. Since return air is a problem I believe the Testla Valve could be a solution. The Nicoli Testla valve. He patented this in the early 1900’s. This should work to prevent air flowback.

  2. Does the machine imitate natural breathing patterns? Pressures and flow rates could be set individually as long as you provide enough capacity at the source.
    But I can not see why the companies making them can’t increase their output considerably. The dies and tooling exist already.

  3. you can if the alternative is death. also they
    mention needed to have similar lung size. this is war not healthcare

  4. Ehm this isnt as simple as adding a T plumbing pipe isn’t it because it looks that way.
    If so please hospitals talk more to engineers, if such a simple devices save lives think of what a few more engineers, 3d printers and your local hardware store can do

  5. Since Elon Musk is involved, there would be rapid, iterative development towards an innovative ventilator. This route requires a fair amount of destructive testing (lost cases) as the product evolves.

  6. As long as all four patients are small children who breathe in perfect unison, it’s a great idea. Otherwise, it’s a great way to lose four patients instead of saving one.

  7. This doesn’t make any sense. I’m a respiratory therapist at a tertiary level hospital. I work in critical care ICU environment. Patients have different sized lungs, different levels of elastance, compliance, and resistance. Different ages, genders and pathology. You can’t just apply the same volumes, flow rates and pressures to all or any lungs homogeneously. Looks great though.

  8. Good grief, were they building these things with the capacity to ventilate elephants? That’s a remarkably large amount of unused capacity!

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