Hundreds Coronaviruses are in China and Asian Bats, Humans are Infected All the Time

Three new alphacoronaviruses, three new betacoronaviruses, and one known alphacoronavirus previously identified in other southeast Asian countries were detected for the first time in bats in Myanmar.

Studies in bats in China found over 400 coronaviruses.

SARS-related viruses in these bat populations have the potential to go directly into human cells and do not need that extra mutational step of infecting another host.

Blood tests of humans living near the bats found that mini-outbreaks occur and the people have antibodies against the various bat coronaviruses.

Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. There’s also related news that one of the chinese ministers in charge of health response is publically saying in interviews that no wuhan virus research institute employees nor former employee/retirees have been infected at all, and pinning the blame on the research institute is unjust media speculation.

    Of note however, is he specifically did not say all the above listed personnel have been tested. I also wonder if that also covers fixers/guides/temporary workers that go with the sample collectors to the bat caves. That unfortunately allows the possibility of an asymptomatic carrier returning to wuhan.

    Pure speculation is that precisely because the virus institute employees are regularly exposed, they may have accidental partial or full immunity due to repeated exposure…

  2. Seems like the Wuhan virus is more manmade than a natural one.
    China numbers are definitely fake.I guess they forgot to add zero at the end of all numbers

  3. What liberal news? Doesn’t exist. All news is right of center, some so right of center they publish nothing true.

  4. As long as these infection take place in remote villages everything is fine. They get sick, they die, it doesn’t spread. The problem happens when you open wet markets in large densely populated cities ruled by a secretive government. Then you get a pandemic.

  5. The bats in question are fructivorous, not the little insectivore ones.
    These big boys don’t rid our world of annoying anything except mangos and lychees.
    They could at least try to wipe out spinach and kale, but no…

  6. I’m fairly sure Dr Who was fiction even 20 years ago.

    (Also, there was a Dr Who episode where the Dr was played by Joanna Lumley (Curse of the Fatal Death) made in 1999.)

  7. From the ‘You just can’t make this Stuff Up‘ – File:
    “…Each year on April 17th, National Bat Appreciation Day reminds us of the roles bats play in our daily lives. April is also the best time of the year to observe bats, as they are now beginning to emerge from hibernation. The observance is an excellent time to learn about the role bats play in nature. Since bats are considered to be an “insectivorous” creature, they rid our world of many annoying insects. In one hour, a bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes. Three U.S. states have an official state bat. Texas and Oklahoma named the Mexican Free-Tailed bat their state bat, and Virginia dubbed the Virginia Big-Eared bat their state bat…”
    I sense that the Optics may have shifted a bit.

  8. This my friend is a special kind of coronavirus. Kills like SARS but spreads like measles. Fine tuned you might say.

  9. The damn things eat a lot of bugs that would otherwise come and plague us.

    What we should do is stopping people selling them, eating them and dealing with exotic fauna in Asia’s wet markets.

  10. There will be a next virus, maybe even a new bat virus from somewhere. Today, tomorrow, next month. Is this the new playbook now? When granny sneezes (granted mine just turned 100 so I applaud her every sneeze because it means she is still alive) we shut down? My granny thinks we are batsh*t crazy, and I always take her advice. She calls it the “dumbsh*t bug, it makes everyone stoopid” (she emigrated to NYC from Old Country and loves to swear).

    There will be minor flus, major flus, pandemically flus, there will be outbreaks in Myanmar (by the way, if any of you get a chance, go visit, it is a gorgeous country caught in a time warp). Are we supposed to hide under our beds forever? We are rapidly adopting the butterfly effect. Mrs Wu in Shanghai coughs and next day I need to remain within 2.346 meters in radius from everyone at the supermarket or the Police Superintendent of Distance Control will confiscate my milk and send me to The Center for Virus Crimes Rehabilitation?

    Anyway, I’ve had my share of The Wuhan China Virus, over a week sick. Yes, it was “flu’ish” and pretty crappy, but obviously still alive (unless I am hallucinating this post in my afterlife).

  11. In a world where Dr. Who is a woman and we shut-down the economy to ‘save’ people in nursing homes….

    Total fiction 20 years ago.

  12. I’ve been working steadily through this crisis. Over 20 years, I have scrapped and clawed my way into knowing a few things and having a good, solid job that society needs – to keep the lights on. The lights are as important as Amazon. Additionally, it is outage season – staffing is at the annual high with temp workers.

    When I make these obnoxious, half-trolling, half-deadly-serious comments, I am really expressing frustration at the legal establishment, and amazement at how the Anglosphere (and the world it influences) has gone from running out of ammunition in 1919 (Jallianwala Bagh massacre) and chemically castrating Alan Turing in 1952, to treating the lives of the walking dead as “priceless” at the expense of the majority of the world’s population of people (and tigers, evidently) that get over this cold with little trouble.

    I am agitating for all my fellows that are under strict orders to stay home, although I am working normally. This lockdown has strengthened my resolve as a libertarian and liberal foil. And I don’t like Fauci’s caution and I don’t believe the 2M casualty numbers; I didn’t believe the prompt critical exponential math when Tomas Pueyo’s “Hammer and the Dance” was considered an authoritative analysis, and I don’t believe the “mission accomplished” chrap I hear on the news every night. We could have beaten this cold with face masks and a bit of paranoia – distancing. We didn’t need to shut the economy down to protect Boomers with health problems.

  13. So as usual, when challenged to explain your ramblings you’ve got nothing.
    Except to whine about not being understood.
    I shouldn’t have bothered.

  14. This news will help make certain people feel a lot better, it will somehow improve the quality of their own lives.

  15. Your mere assertion. It’s ridiculous to see so much misreporting from China, a product of the state repression and corruption. Strange that biohazard lab in Wuhan, where this outbreak has occurred, is the only one of its kind in the country.

  16. Comparing infected numbers of hongkong residents coming back from china including wuhan (in Feb/Mar) and from europe (in Mar/Apr), the figures declared by china govt. is true.

  17. breaking news, wuhan death toll up 50% due to revised chinese government statistics. Still short compared to the alleged number of funeral urns delivered however…

  18. Anyone recall the flu late last year in California? Some researchers think it might have been the coronavirus. After all California is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists. Upwards of 5000 visit every day. There is every chance the coronavirus was introduced to California late last year and has burnt through the population without anybody realizing it.

  19. You guys better start working on vaccines to all those bat flu viruses. And maybe common factors that stop all coronavirudes dead

  20. We have to qurantine that whole dirty infected country?
    Theyre like the typhoud mary of the planet

  21. so reassuring to hear a senior scientist at a “highest level security virus lab“ talk about natural punishment for the human race because of cultural lifestyles. Reads like Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six”, or “The Inferno”.

  22. There were concerns with the non-BSL4 lab in Wuhan that had a set of dudes who go bat virus hunting over the last decade. In open interviews from the past they were pretty cavalier in their sample collection protocol, and the lab was not much better, often working without hoods, or poorly operating hoods. They really were working on a shoestring budget for what is arguably a rather important early warning function for infectious disease surveillance.

    Infection spread by a contaminated sampler returning to the lab after traveling to western/southern bat caves, or a lab worker is easy to visualize, the only mitigating factor being the lab itself wasn’t that close to the wet market physically (the wet market being the probably flashpoint)(though one can’t speak for the sewage arrangements), unlike the BSL4 lab everybody is screeching about.

  23. on everything we’ve been told so far I am surprised anyone is still alive. We simply cannot trust the information out there.

  24. Yeah, when you think about it, bats fly over cities and poop, sometimes a dog finds a dead one, etc. Any coronavirus hanging out in a reservoir somewhere would eventually find its way to the closest human population. Since this one spreads like wildfire once it hits humans, it probably came from a very recent recombination event. Wet markets do increase the opportunities for recombination events, but even those can occur in the wild. It’s not like a bat never pooped on a pangolin.

    On the other hand, constant exposure to minor coronaviruses might explain why the outbreak was less serious in China. I mean sure they could be cooking the books, but it’s also possible that the local population is just less susceptible because of prior exposure to something antigenically similar.

    That would imply the real problem: the rest of us just aren’t getting pooped on by Chinese bats enough.

  25. Not sure if it was engineered, but even if it wasn’t, that doesn’t mean their virology institute had nothing to do with the outbreak. They probably keep specimens that have viruses in the lab. and thus, there could be accidental or even intentional “escapes” from that lab that might bring a naturally-occurring but very dangerous virus into contact with humans, which might not otherwise have occurred if the lab was in a more remote location or maintained better safety practices.

    It seems incredibly suspicious. I’ve read that this lab is one of only 32 in the entire world that studies highly dangerous diseases. And this particular lab in Wuhan wasn’t just studying any viruses. There is record of them studying coronaviruses. And not just any coronaviruses. Coronaviruses from bats. Now what are the odds of the epicenter of an outbreak just coincidentally being right next to one of these labs? Not to mention the evidence that China is now working to hide/censor pieces of research that this lab had published. In fact, they’re trying to hide many things now. If the lab had nothing to do with anything, why try to cover things up? China is not acting like an innocent entity.

  26. You is not everybody, and you wrote it apriori before reading all what I put here with a typical inabilty to decipher much significant meaning from what is put in front of you.

  27. Although the Chinese government declares that the institute’s objectives are purely medical and that there are no links between its development and biological weapons development, biological laboratories with the highest security level (BSL-4) in place to prevent the dangerous viruses from being leaked there have been established. Of all the biological research institutes in China, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the only institution with such security laboratories. In July 2009, an institute official announced that institute scientists were able to isolate a corona-like virus (called SL-Cov-HIV1) from bile saliva samples. Six years later, in 2015, the Vaughan Institute of Virology issued an official announcement that the institute’s researchers were Hybrid corona virus that can infect human cells. The batswoman at the head of the Wuhan Institute of Virology stands virologist Dr. Shi Zhengli – a well-known and well-known researcher in China known as the “batswoman”, Corona virus study. When Dr. Xi Zhangli was asked by media representatives about the connection Appealing to the suspicion between the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Wuhan and the biological research being carried out at the virological institute located in that very city, she replied: “The new corona virus is a natural punishment for the human race that has adopted habits and a non-cultural lifestyle. I, Dr. Xi Zhangli, swear in my life that this has nothing to do with our labs in Wuhan. “

  28. Recently published by Alexander Hassanin, a lecturer (HDR) at the University of Sorbonne, and according to the genetic sequencing of the coronary virus SARS-CoV-2, the virus is the result of a merger between two different corona viruses – one close in its genetic structure to the bat virus and the other closer The Pangolin. In other words, it is a genetic cross between two existing viruses. Pangolin (Photo: ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP via Getty Images) Pangolin (Photo: ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP via Getty Images) Wuhan Institute of Virology
    The Institute was established in 1956 in Wuhan city of China as a microbiology laboratory under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Following the outbreak of the first SARS epidemic in China in 2002, researchers at the Virological Institute began to target viruses from the corona family to which the SARS virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – Acute and Severe Respiratory Syndrome) belongs. Over the past few years, Wuhan Viral Institute researchers have collected and sampled thousands of Persian bats, which are considered live stock of corona viruses. The bats were hunted and collected from all over China, of which, according to the Institute’s own publications, Corona researchers were able to isolate more than 300 bat virus sequences.

  29. At first, the reaction of China and the various countries seemed to us all hysterical and disproportionate, but apparently by then they knew something we still do not know about the source of the virus and the danger it embodies. Today, as of March 30, 2020, the Corona virus (SARS 2) has spread to most parts of the world. Currently there are 724,945 patients, of whom 397,124 are patients and 34,041 are dead.
    Research shows that the new corona virus is the result of hybridization between two existing viruses – the first (RaTG13) comes from bats, and the second most likely comes from an exotic Asian mammal called pangolin (Manis javanica). Almost full of the world’s deadly virus. However, while the type of corona virus found in bats cannot pass directly from bats to humans, the virus found in the body of the pungolin is characterized by a slightly different genetic structure, which allows it to bind to a receptor called ACE2 (an angiotensin-converting enzyme) found in human cells, thereby infecting and infecting them.

  30. The virus first appeared in November 2019 as an outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan city of Hubei province with nine cases. About a month later, when the number of patients was already 180, Dr. Zheng Jishian reported that it was a new type of corona virus and the number of abnormal patients raised concern about the return of the SARS virus, which spread in China in 2002. Dr. Zheng’s report Jishian to the Chinese authorities, along with a parallel report by another doctor named Dr. Li Wanliang (who died of coronary disease himself about two months ago), were initially mutilated and silenced by the Chinese government and both doctors were investigated by police and charged with “spreading the rumors” and “Serious harm to public order.” On January 23, when the number of infections in China reached just 830, the Chinese government imposed a full-scale military curfew that has never been seen in any of Hubei Province for its 60 million inhabitants! At the same time, China released scientific findings to scientists around the world, including the full genome decoding Its – something that usually takes months and years of research. Following China’s announcement of the new virus, European countries have taken an unprecedented defensive procedure, which included the immediate conversion of military camps to temporary hospitals, closing borders and imposing severe traffic restrictions on residents.

  31. This is a very important point and it brings two other points.
    Bear with me, this is a google translate of an article to English in segments, the other segments are in last to first order:

    Where did this deadly virus come from and why right now? How was it created? And is it possible that this is a virus engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began? Examining reliable sources and tracing the chain of events creates a puzzle of facts that give rise to real questions about the source of the virus.

    The SARS-CoV-2 (SARS number 2) virus that causes the world’s corona disease these days is probably the most influential and dangerous cause of modern humanity in the last 100 years. The virus is threatening to harm hundreds of millions of people in the near future, dropping tens of millions of space and collapsing health and economic systems worldwide.

    But where did this deadly virus come from and why now? How was it created? And is it possible that this is a virus engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began? Examining reliable sources and tracing the chain of events creates a puzzle of facts that give rise to real questions about the source of the virus.

  32. Obviously (to all but idiots) few coronaviruses that get transfered from animals to humans are capable of both killing people and of being as contagious as the one causing the Covid-19 disease.

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