Apple Will Privacy Improvement Will Cut Facebook Ad Revenue

The Apple iOS 14 operating system will require apps to ask users for permission to collect and share data using Apple’s device identifier. Facebook will not collect the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) on our own apps on iOS 14 devices.

The identifier was critical for Facebook targeting its audience network ads. Facebook says the Apple security and privacy change will halve Facebook audience network revenue.

In 2015, Audience Network had a $1B revenue run rate in ad spend. In 2018, $1.5 billion was paid by Facebook to developers and publishers.

Over 1 billion people see at least one Audience Network ad every month.

SOURCES- Facebook
Written By Brian Wang,

5 thoughts on “Apple Will Privacy Improvement Will Cut Facebook Ad Revenue”

  1. Facebook and Epic both schemed to circumvent the sandbox, through coding to evade monetary transactions within the context of IOS security protocols.

    They agreed to abide by a terms of a contract with Apple to appear on the platform, to participate in the ‘App Store’ under the same rules as everyone else accepts.

    All platforms for gaming and other internet transactions are compensated 30% for in-app purchases. Regardless of whether that is a fair standard, that is within the contract terms. Abide, or tootle down the road and find an alternative venue.

  2. Thank you Apple for shutting down the ability to track my comings and goings across the internet. What I do is no one's business.

  3. Facebook will find other ways to ID users though. Apple is making a big move, but it's still a whack-a-mole game regarding allowed/disallowed ID methods.

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