Jeff Bezos Worth $195 Billion and Passes Henry Ford for 5th Richest Ever

Jeff Bezos is 2.5% away from being worth $200 billion.

Amazon is worth $1.65 trillion which is about 7% away from passing Saudi Aramco to become the second most valuable company in the world. Apple is first with a $2 trillion valuation.

If Amazon shares reach $3387 up from about $3303 at yesterdays close then Bezos will hit $200 billion.

Bezos’ x-wife is worth $63.7 billion and is the 13th richest person in the world.

Elon Musk is the fourth richest person in the world and is worth $90 billion. Over one year, Elon has moved up from about 40th richest. Tesla will likely double again over the next year or two. Musk and Bezos will battle for the richest man in the world title. They will be around the inflation-adjusted level of John D Rockefeller. Rockefeller was worth about $300-400 billion in inflation-adjusted terms.

They will be historically among the richest ever.

Henry Ford was worth an inflation-adjusted $188-199 billion. This made him the fifth richest in the modern period (after 1500). Bezos is passing Ford.

SOURCES- Bloomberg Billionaire index, wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang,

39 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos Worth $195 Billion and Passes Henry Ford for 5th Richest Ever”

  1. …Do I need to post some links to the complaints about the working conditions in Amazon and Tesla. The problem is much bigger though, s they are pushing the working conditions of the whole economy down.

  2. note the movement of the stock over time with tiny ‘easter eggs’ of various events, products, and special items inserted into the imagery

  3. Distribution and logistics networks are real things that provide needed services.

    Fat lot of good there being products if I can’t buy them. Or if there is 4 levels of middle men pumping the price up by 100% at each level.

    (Having said that, I buy from Amazon about once every 2 years or so. It just doesn’t suit my purchasing habits.)

  4. Next up, investors/speculators flush with cash from the recovered stock market and fearing a market crash look for a way to diversify. They snap up real estate at low interest rates. Housing Bubble and record empty housing simultaneous with record homelessness.

  5. They would do the same thing with a much less concentration of wealth, without feeling much harm, to the benefit of everyone else.

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  7. I think the combo of Amazon and Kuiper Internet is a big winner. And his “steps” are on the right path, away from gravity wells.

  8. We are going to enjoy ourselves, if he gets a little less “gradatim” , and a little more “ferociter” .

  9. Iran nominal GDP $458 billion (2019). Amazon sales $355 billion (2Q 2020 x 4). I have been saying for a while that this is the century of the corporate state, as the previous two were of the nation state. Corporations now wield as much influence and money as countries.

    Bezos only owns 12% of Amazon, so he’s not personally worth as much as Iran.

    Governments are badly managed, since they don’t have to compete within their territories. That’s why they are losing out to corporations. In 2014, federal, state, and local governments had a combined net worth of -$4 trillion, and its probably gotten a lot worse since then.

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  12. Bezos is clearly smart. He understands O’Neill!
    “The Blew Origin crew lander is now ready to undergo testing at NASA’s
    Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. This mock-up is not a functional
    version of the lander, but it does include full-sized components of the
    planned lander system, including the descent element that will be built
    by Blue Origin, and the ascent element that partner Lockheed Martin will be producing. Overall, the entire mock-up article measures just under 40-feet high.”

  13. You need to define “power”. Is it (non libertarian) initiation of force or fraud to achieve political or social ends, or is it personal ability, the power to create or be productive, and the resulting honest wealth? Gov is always monopoly, something many don’t want to admit, and thus evil. Free (non violent) marketplace also requires *enlightened* self interest to work, not stupid childish self interest. And remember, at this time, people are as crazy as they can possibly be. But the Primal Revolution is upon us!

  14. Fair enough that it is better than Venezuela – but it is a fool’s errand to think that the stock market (except for first funding-IPO, etc.) is some noble institution that great investors put hard-earned money into well-run companies to achieve shared-interest, co-success. Nonsense. It is a huge poker game filled with people who hate each other, revel in the other’s losses almost as much as their own wins, using other people’s money for which they have minimal regard and limited accountability, and go to great lengths to get special access, use shorting as a weapon, and engage in insider/shared knowledge trading to turn crap assets into gold. Don’t get be wrong – I am glad it is here and I play it better or worse, but it destroys people and garner’s huge interest and irrational behaviour.(re-watch Wolf of Wall Street) The interesting thing that with Robin Hood and bored Millennials with covid-checks abounding – does it become a hyper-volatile, untameable monster going into Q4…..

  15. it depends on the world you want – a nice, boring world — or an exciting, risky, wealthy, high-tech world. Much of the opportunity, advancement found in protestant-work-ethic-type places – US and UK and slightly Germany never would have occurred anywhere else if the ideas did not transfer. Your nice/ sheep world would still be living in 1940s/1950 tech, if not for ruthless entrepreneurs. Besides, you know that the sheep people, deep down, want the high-tech world because they moved there from their comfortable rural families, backward countries, and nanny-states, post-1940s to get exciting opportunity in the US/UK cities despite the high risks, pollution, ruthless bosses/ landlords/ neighbourhoods. What you want is retirement, not life.

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  17. You might say commerce is not a zero sum game, since both participants only participate if they believe the transaction is in their best interests.

  18. The key to Amazon success is reinvestment of profits, and the efficiency of the Amazon distribution system. In other words, they are successful, because they offer the lowest prices with a reasonable level of service to the customer, it’s also very easy to return items you are not happy with.
    It’s difficult for me to condemn a company that wins by offering what customers want, at the lowest prices.
    That’s what SpaceX does, and I nearly worship that company.

  19. Much of the run up in the stock market is buying of shares, mutual funds, and futures by the hatchet men of the federal reserve. It’s too early for a “crack up boom”, as Von Mises described.

  20. In that Wiki, they aren’t inflation adjusting the net worth of those people, they’re calculating what percentage of the economy their wealth represented and then applying that to the modern economy. John D. Rockefeller who was worth significantly more than Ford is shown as being worth about $1 billion. Inflation adjusted they figure $16B – I’d say more like $20B.

  21. Unfortunately your understanding of free market is twisted due to a deep indoctrination. A free market works optimally when everyone gets a honest share of a company wealth relative to his contribution. A free market works optimally when the populace have good education, health care system social network and honest wages. The North Europeans have demonstrated it and this is the Global working model, not that of the US.

  22. You fail to understand the very basics of how free market economies work. Heck, I don’t think you even understand what is wealth. A janitor today, can have a far better diet, health, and options that Kings of the middle ages wouldn’t even dream of. This is all do to free markets and capitalism. Wealth is created and grows and it takes individuals with vision, willingness to take risk, and very strong work ethics to do what the above individuals did.

    Here, how about instead of you complaining about the uber wealthy – why don’t you become one and then you can give it all away.

  23. As an average consumer, I am better off having Amazon around. I am sure thats also true for many producers who never had an easier way of accessing a large consumer base.

    I dont know who loses when Jeff Bezos wins. Some small, inefficient stores?

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  25. What we are watching is hyperinflation through the stock market. We should be grateful its just stocks that are climbing so rapidly and not the cost of basic necessities or we would be experiencing venezuela levels of upheaval.

  26. That could be only within certain parameters which they are well beyond. In other words, they have not created all this wealth, the people who worked for them created most of it.

  27. You assume that the cumulative wealth is a constant. That is a demonstratively false assumption. These guys created the wealth they now have and shared it with many others.

  28. Lifestyle wise, no. You reach a certain equilibrium after you’ve acquired all the big ticket durable toys.

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  30. “Jeff Bezos Worth $195 Billion and Passes Henry for 5th Richest Ever”
    “Jeff Bezos Worth $195 Billion and Passes Henry 5th for Richest Ever”
    “Jeff Bezos Worth $195 Billion and Passes Henry the 5th for Richest Ever”

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