Tesla Battery Expert Dahn Says Existing Lithium Ion Are Already Beyond 3 Million Mile Batteries

Jeffrey Dahn is an energy expert who is working with Tesla. He has been testing lithium ion batteries for three years and has reached 10,000 and even 15,000 discharge and charging cycles. The lithium ion batteries they are testing have not reached the end of life. They have shown minimal degradation.

A 350 kilometer (217 miles) range electric car would be able to drive over 2 million miles with 10,000 charges. However, the only reason Dahn cannot claim 30,000 charging cycles is that he will need about six more years to prove that the batteries last that long. Tesla is making longer range cars with 400 miles range and in the next few years will have 500-700 mile range cars. This likely means that 30,000 charging cycles for a 500 mile range car would mean 15 million mile range vehicles.

This also means that the better lithium ion batteries can be used for vehicle to grid and many other applications.