Post Pandemic World Economy Lost From 2020-2025 Will Be $28 Trillion

From 2020 to 2025, the cumulative world economic loss in output relative to the pre-pandemic projected path is projected to grow to $28 trillion.

The Pandemic is costing the world economy $4 trillion in 2020. The world will have a lost year and the pause in global growth is not projected to be recovered. The world will return to growth but will not catch up to where it would have been.

The five nations with the highest Covid-19 death counts — U.S., Brazil, India, Mexico and U.K. — will have a one year total GDP decline of nearly $1.8 trillion in nominal terms and $2.1 trillion after having been adjusted for differences in purchasing power.

From 2021 to 2025, China will have the largest share of world economic growth. It is expected to be as much the next three countries combined. The next three will be India, USA and Indonesia.

SOURCES: Bloomberg, IMF
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. You're still going to have to spell it out.

    So, the entire CV19 was a Chinese plan all along to greatly increase US unemployment and disability payments to trick the Democrat party into supporting UBI because this does … what?

    I'm going to have to say that I am highly disappointed with the conspiracy theories from 2020. At least the 2001 9-11 conspiracy theories had an target. The whole thing is to designed to start a war because the conspirators are armament manufacturers. Or to start a war during a Republican admin so as to make that party look bad to young voters. Or to suck the US military into a quagmire to weaken it. Or something. Some end point that made some sense.

    In 2020 the conspiracy is just : this is all planned by bad guys. Don't need a reason. Just badness.

  2. For the DNC, there are no enemies to the left, so it's really easy for them to tacitly accept the help of the Chinese in attaining their Cloward-Piven strategy.

    Besides, I'm so old, I remember Charlie Trie.

  3. mmmm…. I'll grant that we would see a shift in the balance of power in the marketplace.
    Though in China, that may not be enough to counteract political power.

  4. You assume that we are near full employment now. That
    seems true only because many women are content of
    being the "desperate" housewives of well earning husbands.
    Also, you underestimate the value of rent. A reduction
    in the offer of manpower would, by law of supply and
    demand, increase the value of work and decrease
    the value of rent. By "rent" I don't mean just bond income,
    stock income, or landlord income. A supermanager earning
    $ 10M per year is more a rentier than a worker, even if he
    works 12 hours per day.

  5. Less working age people, same total population (because the older generations aren't dying (mostly, yet) they are just retiring.)

    So that's less wealth produced each year, but the same number of people to consume that wealth.

    This doesn't lead to better pay. This leads to worse pay. Or better nominal pay, with higher taxes and family expenses to pay for all the old people. So worse disposable income.

    Now you can point to improved technology and capital investment leading to greater productivity per person. But that's still lower disposable income compared to what you'd have with more workers/capita.

  6. I like British slang when lambasting left wingers… It makes it harder for them to whine, "racism." So, yeah, whenever I'm commenting on the latest bout of riots, instead of calling them thugs, I call them yobs, which forces the people who would reflexively declare, "That's racist," to have to run to an online dictionary only to find out I just called out the thugs, most of which are white anyway.

  7. He meant "replay". China is slowly becoming like a western
    country, outsourcing jobs to low pay countries.

  8. Reply? What are you talking about? I'm basically saying that the Chinese economy is going to see its manufacturing sector shrink as African countries start offering cheaper products due to their lower labor costs. It's inevitable.


  9. Not at all. The shrinking populace will mean equal job opportunities for men and women. With justly paid


    I bet you think you can prove it will rain on November 1st of 2022.

    You can't prove a prediction. You can only verify it after the fact.

    Just saying, yob.

  11. I second that. For the collective heart of humanity to he truly open, we must first look within ourselves. Introspection is a tool too often swept to the side.

    Also, in the vein of it being almost Halloween, which is my favorite holliday (and Samhain being a spiritual time for me), opening the collective heart of humanity also requires a saw LOL xD

  12. Their internal economy of China is fragile. They need exports, China still has an aging population that is expected to decline rapidly due to the one child policy. Once the 50s to 70s born start to become less productive (about now), the population growth will go negative fast. At the moment they have a large prime age (20-65) work force, but that will change in 10-15 years. Supporting an aging population that has an outsized proportion will be a burden. Expect a Japan like effect with a rapidly aging population, but without the safety nets Japan built for their people to soften it. It's magnitude will also be greater as you have deliberate policy intersecting with a massive population that imports food to feed its people and uses exports to fuel economic growth.

  13. Non e' Americano ,e' Australiano. A meno che non sia un
    milionario Texano… sarebbe divertente trasformarla in
    una chat italiana.

  14. Not only Iran and Venezuela.
    Trump failed to build the wall, and make Mexico pay for it.
    Trump failed to stop NK nuke program.
    Trump failed to stop China.

    Your country is going down down down down

    Just saying


  15. In 2005 the GDP of China was 2.2T while the US stood at 13.6T.
    Which means China was 16% of the US.
    Now they are about 80% and growing 3x faster.
    In PPP they have passed the USA in 2014.
    Take that, brainwashed redneck!

    Just saying


  16. Or maybe just a human being which does not happen to be a selfish brainwashed buttock like you
    Just consider this option

    Just saying


  17. They understand this risk very well, that's why they are becoming the capitalist masters there. The low cost
    manpower will give huge profits…to them. No blame on them,
    since African populace will be lifted from deep misery.
    With three harvests per year, Africa will also provide
    good food to their enriching masses.

  18. I think their objective is to become like Germany, which has
    wondrous wages and still wondrous exports. It is far from
    certain that they will succeed, though.

  19. Good points. I would offer that in this scenario the timeline will be a bit shorter. For example, China adopted a market economy in the 80s and immediately began to prosper. In the space of 40 years their economy has grown tremendously. A number of African countries are developing market economies, although I admit there aren't any miracles on the horizon. So it's tough to say where they will be in another 40.

    That said, as China's populace becomes more affluent and the regime tries to spur internal demand it's hard to see their labor costs remaining low. Regardless of what happens in Africa, I would think those costs are going to rise significantly. And thus their competitive edge will begin to erode, which will eventually lead to economic down turn. The export engine that has driven their growth over the last 40 years simply isn't sustainable.


  20. Errr?

    Google tells me the CP strategy was to deliberately overload the USA's welfare system so as to force the Democrat party into supporting UBI or something.

    How does that apply here? Who represents the Democrat party in this analogy? What represents welfare?

  21. Historically, you can often operate for years, decades, sometimes centuries, in between the time you become vulnerable to another place getting their act together, and the time that said place actually does get their act together.

    I think it was Napoleon who observed that "China is a sleeping Giant. Let her Sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world."
    There was still another 2 centuries before that alarm clock went off.

  22. We don't think he lives in the USA. He seems to be Italian.

    Unless of course he's a Texan oil millionaire who spends his life pretending to be a crazy Euro and deliberately making the enemies of the USA look ridiculous. That's also an option.

  23. And what will they do when Africa gets its act together and starts stealing their business with lower labor costs.

  24. I'm Lukha the Troll. Hater Extraordinaire! I've never had a girlfriend or a job so I take out all my bitter anger on America. Because everyone shuns me, I think totalitarian dictatorships are cool and so I root for them every chance I get. I love the attention I get. I love China, Iran, and Venezuela, but I'll never go live there. I'd rather live in my mom's basement in the USA cause I like that I have freedom of speech here. I keep posting on NBF because I have no friends or life.


  25. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm profoundly biased against Toobin, but in his defense, he won't get fired. As soon as the hoopla dies down he'll be back on CNN lying through his teeth while excusing his lies as legal analysis.

  26. Nothing can make me THAT bored. *shudder* Like, "Dude, did you eat the wrong mushrooms for breakfast?"

    I think there are people who wake up in the morning and wonder how they can creatively get fired by alienating their coworkers. I guess Toobin is just one of those guys lol. Beyond that, though, it takes a certain personality type to think, "I know how to get sacked! I'll commit an open act of depravity! What a fun day!"

    That personality type is "derp".

  27. How will China grow if their customer's aren't spending? Where is this "growth" going to come from while supply chains are fleeing China?

  28. Honestly, I would rather just do away with the idea of countries altogether. That way, there is no "Down with this country" and "kudos to that country". I'd rather it just be kudos to Earth, or whatever we collectively decide to call ourselves. Statements like these are usually met with rebuttals such as, "Humans are too tribal, that'll never work!"

    Pfft! Please. The only reason it wouldn't work is because of people who want to see other people fail. If we really think hard on that, it's actually rather sick. Humanity isn't united because we get off on seeing each other fail. It's like some twisted reality TV show.

    Of course, I understand that there are all kinds of past events that people want revenge for, even though in some cases it's like beating a dead horse, since those responsible are long dead (though, don't get me wrong, colonization is still a problem today, and those counties need to GTF out of those other countries) and that some people aren't cool with the lifestyles of other people, whether it be for reasons of religious or ethnic bias (both of which are totally bogus and are used Ike crutches by insecure people with control issues), so they fiend like crack addicts to see the downfall of people living a lifestyle they see as inferior.

    99.9% of humans are fearful, insecure, vengeful little goblins who will chomp at the heels of anyone to feel in control. Can we change that already? Becauae I don't know about you, but I'm getting bored.

  29. So…your cheering for the people who are commiting Genocide and released a horrible pandemic upon the world that has killed hundreds of thousands if not millions.

    Luca…you just have no morals or are insane. I say this not as a person who wants to cancel you or who has some political disagreement with you but as one who has watched you for what a decade it seems and has read most of your post.

    You would crow and laugh while a child burned if their parents where israeli and the people doing it were commiting mass murder.

    Your a shell. Get help.

  30. And all the money lost come from the USA and colonies (UK, Italy, Japan, Canada, etc.).
    China is growing in 2020 and will keep growing in 2021
    China will pass the USA as no 1 superpower economy in 2025-2026
    Down with the USA
    Kudos to China

    Did I mention that Iran is still ruled by the mullahs?
    Did I mention (hey, Brian!) that Venezuela is still ruled by Maduro?

    Just saying


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