Caroline Wang

Caroline Wang passed away peacefully yesterday at the age of 86. She was born October 4th, 1934 in Shanghai.

She was married to Chung-lie Wang, who was a professor of Mathematics. They were my mother and father.

She was an artist, painter and owned and managed rental properties.

She and Chung-lie had three children. The children are each married and there are seven grandchildren.

After leaving China, she was in Taiwan for a number of years.

Caroline is 16 in this photo of her family and is on the far left.

After they were married they moved to Canada.

They moved to Truro, Nova Scotia, and then Regina, Canada to start and raise their family. They provided a stable and loving home.

They lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada for over 30 years. She lived for over twenty years in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I was able to speak with her almost everyday of my life and usually visited twice a year even when I moved to another city.

Despite COVID, I was able to be with her for two months after her Leukemia diagnosis. All the children and grandchildren were able to be with her after her diagnosis. She was also able to stay in contact with her friends and her two brothers and other relatives. She knew she was loved. We knew that she knew this as well.

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